"There is no greater joy that I have felt in my life..."

Date: Mon, Sep 23, 2013 at 7:23 AM

Dear Family,

Sounds like things are a little crazy there! I remember that I loved food during seminary. Even though I have the best mom in the world and always made me a travel breakfast in the morning, it was nice to eat even more when i got to seminary. Safeway bagels are the bomb. Also I liked to watch videos and do activities in groups. Also I liked to get up and move around a little bit because it is pretty hard to sit for an hour after you just woke up. For example we would do like a scavenger hunt in the chapel or play a basketball scripture mastery game or run around with wheelchairs in the gym. It is nice to do more physical activities because early in the morning it is hard to concentrate! These are something that I liked to do in seminary.

This last week was pretty hard for a lot of missionaries. Elder Paul and I are working well and we are seeing miracles. We are teaching a young man who has really impressed me this last week. He has so much desire to be baptized and to live the commandments. His past life was really different but he is showing a lot of desire to follow Jesus Christ and I just love teaching him and watching him grow. There is no greater joy that I have felt in my life than seeing others embrace and live the teaching of our Savior Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary. 

Well I am short on time but I just wanty to tell you a story of the other two missionaries that live with us. on saturday, they had a lady and her two kids at the church, the font filled and everyone had been interviewed and everything was ready for the baptism. her husband called and said that he would not let his wife and kids be baptized. it was really sad. the missionaries did everything they could so that they could be baptized but he wouldn't let them. so they left the church and continued to work hard doing contacts on the street and what not. during this time they were rudely rejected and called Satan and other horrible things. when we got home they were in the living room praying together and asking Heavenly Father to forgive these people because they didn't know what they were saying. it was a strong example to me and i know that we need to love everyone even if they don't love us.

Well I love you all and i hope you have a great week! Thanks for everything! My mission is awesome and I am very happy!

Love, Elder Smith

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