"We need to act and use our good intentions to bless the lives of others."

Date: Mon, Sep 16, 2013 at 7:21 AM

Hello Family! Well the deck is looking great! I am excited to see the finished product. do the stairs get in the way of the garage? do we still have a trampoline? Everything will be so different when i get back! You guys have done some great remodeling. But there are other missionaries who have parents in other countries now so i think i am grateful that not much has changed! 

This week we worked alot. We have been having a few dificulties in our mission and so everyone needs to work harder! I really love the missionaries that I get to work with and also the members in our area. We had some pretty cool investigators at church this last week. We are trying to work better with the members so that recent converts have friends and everything. It is important because if not, when the missionaries get transfered, usually the converts that don't have friends leave as well. We are also working with some less-actives. We visited a young woman who was less-active and she went to church! It was amazing. It seemed like all she needed was a visit. She looked really happy at church and we are going to continues to work with her and ask her to help more in the missionary work. I want her to serve a missoin! I have gained a strong testimony that there are alot of people who just need to know that they are missed at church and that we love them and want to see them at church. My mission president showed me a quotation that says something like if all men had actoins as good as their intention, they would be amazing men. Really there are alot of people with good hearts and good intentions, but we need to act or else these good intentions just stay in our hearts and no one is really blessed by this. We need to act and use our good intentions to bless the lives of others. 

Well I am really enjoying m mission and even though there are a lot of dificulties, it is exciting to be on a mission and I wouldn't trade it for anything!

I love you all and miss you so much!

-Elder Smith

Pic 1: We bought some fancy looking chapeu's!
Pic 2; Papagaio

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