"I learned something, don't overeat after fasting!"

Date: Mon, Jun 4, 2012 at 2:20 PM

Wow thanks for the letter mom! 

Sounds like a busy week! Ya that would be awesome if we graduated together! Haha. So were there any new dishes at the cook-off? I am learning how to make alot of good things, there is a lady in my ward that makes bomb desserts, I think I will get a few recipes for her. We don't have much time to do much other than missionary work but I have been learning a few things. One thing that is really good is called Vitamina. Put some fruit, any fruit, into a blender. Add water, powdered milk and sugar. So good! Fast and easy. I will send cooler more advanced recipes if I receive them. Thanks for the recipes by the way. I am hoping to try some out next P-Day or something.

And the update on Marcello, he was confirmed and had an interview to go to the dedication of the Manaus Temple. He said he will be buying church clothes this week cause you have to wear them to go, I gave him a tie and so it will be pretty awesome! 

Well it was a very busy week! Today was a good day though, well last night I had to drop off my companion at this place to do a division because he had to renew his Visa and would be sleeping at the Zone Leader's house. Little did I know when we went to drop him off that I would be going too! I didn't have anything with me, so it was an interesting night and day. I just kind of wrote letters and had a relaxing time, lots of laundry to do when I return home though! 

So yesterday was fast sunday, one thing cool is that every single break the fast lunch we have had are the same lunches we have had ice cream! But... yesterday I was really hungry. Fasting is so hard here because you eat at noon saturday and walk and sweat all day and don't eat until noon the next day. So when we got to lunch, I tried to take it slowish. I made myself a huge plate though and started to scarf it down. They had the works, beans, rice, meat, pasta, eggs, potatoes, soda. Well the first plate went down and it was so good. So I made another very large plate (I swear it didn't mean to make it so big) and scarfed it down. I did not feel good after that. But then... they pulled out ice cream and caramel. I shouldn't have, but I did. After the ice cream i was about 90% sure I would hurl. I could barely speak and was just praying that I could get out of the house. After a little waiting we left a message with them (which I was supposed to give but pawned this one off because I was afraid to open my mouth too much), they asked me to give the prayer, and then we left. I was praying all the while! We finally made it out and I bent over a little ways down the road but I didn't hurl. I though I was good so we continued on and when the house was in sight it came on strong, again I prayed and we eventually made it in the house. I went straight to the toilet, knelt down, gave some energy and wahh laaa!!!! I lost my lunch :( I learned something, don't overeat after fasting! It was pretty cool though, I was just thinking the whole time that it would be cool if I threw up because I would have a great story to tell my family!

But yes it was a long week. I had a cool experience at church though. Being such a long week, I really needed a refresher. During sacrament sunday I think I caught the meaning of the sacrament more fully than ever before. Not that I did things terribly wrong during the week, but I still had hard a hard week emotionally and physically and all. Christ suffered for all of our infirmities. All of our pains, weaknesses, sicknesses as well as our sins. Through the sacrament I really felt renewed. That I was gaining more strength for the upcoming week. I could feel Heavenly Father's love for me.

Well tell congrats to Cort and Chandler for me! That's awesome, he will be a cool corty kitten! Also good luck on the Sound to Narrows, sounds fun! Thanks for all the updates, always cool to hear about what's happening at home. I've actually been recieving cards the last three weeks, we recieve them at least once a month I guess and then more if there are zone conferences or whatever.

Well I am excited for this week, we have some new investigators/potentials and also the dedication of the Manaus Temple. There is a celebration/dance thing Saturday night for the Temple that they always do with Temple Dedications so I think we will try to get investigators there. It'll be fun and something different.

Well thanks for everything! I love you and miss you all so much! I love talking about my family to others because I feel like I have an obligation because of my testimony of families and how they can be blessed through the Gospel. I was blessed with a family who lives the Gospel, leads by example, and is always there for me no matter what I do. I love you all! 

Tchau for now! (Man I am starting to sound like Dad more and more!) Don't worry, it's a good thing Dad!

Elder Isaac Theodore Smith

"When it rains here it rains..."

Date: Mon, May 28, 2012 at 11:33 AM

Oi família!

Sounds like a fun week! And that's an awesome story about Nolan, he is an awesome kid! What was the best dutch oven dish today? Who all came? I got letters this week, thanks for all the easter letters you guys had people write, and tell Laurel and Mel I got their letters, I haven't gotten Andrea´s yet though. 

Well yesterday was great! We were able to baptize a man named Marcello. He is 21 years old and has made so many changes. It has sure been alot of work and alot of time, but he has been accepting our teachings and has allowed the Spirit to change his life. I don't feel like we had to do much persuading, we merely presented the gospel to him and the Spirit did the rest. He has worked to get to this point and I am so proud of him. I know he has great potential and so many blessings lie in store for him as he continues in the gospel. Also, he didn't think anyone in his family would go but then on our way to church he said his mom said she might come, and she did! I'm pretty sure he was so happy. It was great, and, we got cake after!

Well I will attach some pictures, one of our baptism and the other was a rainy day here. It has been pretty rainy here, but luckily not too much during the day, mainly just at night (which helps alot because no one really parties and we have been getting some good sleep). It really helps cool things off but then after I think it's even hotter! But when it rains here it rains. I must say, it's been a good week for a duck!

We are planning a talent show to take place hopefully the 16 of June. I'm pretty excited. I think we will do a talent show and then have like dessert after. I really want to make something good. I was thinking either cookies or brownies but I need mom to send me a recipe. Mom can you send me the chocolate chip cookie recipe? And also can you look for a brownie recipe from scratch? Like just with chocolate powder? Thanks! Or anyother ideas you might have. The point of the activity is to create friendship in the ward with members, less-actives, new members and non-members. Also to find more people to teach. And also, to eat alot of good treats. I'm pretty excited. 

We are working with an investigator named Felipe right now, he is 20 I think. He is allowing us to teach him and is coming to our english class. He went to church last week but not yesterday. He said he already received an anbswer about the Book of Mormon and we extended more committments. We will go their today and teach and see how he is doing! 

Well I miss you alot! I must say I wish I could be there today for the dutch oven, it's one of the many awesome memories I have of home! But eat an extra plate for me. Any new recipes this year? I love you all and miss you. Thanks for the letters and emails and pictures, they are great. Have an awesome week!

Ame seu filho preferido,

Elder Smith