"my faith continues to grow..."

Date: Mon, Aug 26, 2013 at 7:31 AM

Hello Family!

Congratulations to Mel and Jake on the new baby! He looks great. Jake sent me a picture of the whole family together. It is crazy how fast their family is growing! At least I know that I will be home for the next neice or nephew that comes! I bet Jake is excited to have a boy in the family! Maybe he will be like me and have all sisters! 

Well this last week went well. I really felt like we fulfilled our purpose and that we are working hard each day. But I am seeing the promises of the Lord being fulfilled in my mission and my faith continues to grow. 

The end of the month is always a little crazy but it also a time when we see the most miracles. We are teaching an older man named Gilvan who really has been interested in the church. When we started, I kind of thought it would be really hard for him to gain a strong testimony of the church because he has already gone to so many churches and thinks all have authority and so on. Well we started teaching him and he likes to talk alot!!!! It was really hard to teach sometimes because he just wanted to talk and didn't let us say much! But we had patience and kept working with him. We read the beginning of 3 Nephi 27 with him and explained that the church of Christ needs to have His name and what not. We thought he didn't really pay attention but later in the week he told his nephew that to be the church of Jesus Christ, it needs to have His name! It was really awesome. He is progressing well and I really saw the power of the Book of Mormon. 

Our branch is really excited about missionary work and we have some great new ideas to involve the members more. The key to success in missionary work is the members! There is no better way to find new investigators and help investigators stay active in the church than working with members. Luckily we are having sucess with this and we hope that it continues.

Thanks for the pictures of Henry. Does he have a nickname yet? Do they call him Hank?

Well today the whole zone is getting together to have lunch and spent a few hours togther on p-day and maybe play football or ping pong, etc. It should be lots of fun. I will send some pictures next week!

I love you all and miss you alot! Tchau!

Elder Smith

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