"we are seeing lots of miracles in our area..."

The first two are a picture of our breakfast on staurday

and the other is a picture of my feet when i get home because my shoes are started to wear out and and dust enters my shoes

Date: Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 7:33 AM

Hello family!

That's too bad to hear about Aunt Patsy. I hope the family is alright. 

Sounds like everything else is going good there in the states. I can't believe Natalie is already starting seminary! Well Mom, its kind of funny you said ''not to make you trunky'' because lots of people are starting to say trunky things in their emails to me! But I am scheduled to leave on the 16th and probably get home the 17th (of January). But... my mission president emailed me and said he was going to talk to the mission department to see if I could stay longer on my mission so I am not sure. If they don't let me stay longer I will be home the 17th   of January but if I stay longer I think it will be at the end of February. I will talk to my mission president to try and see if he has already talked to them or not so that I can let you guys know as soon as possible.

This week was transfers. I will be staying here in Sousa with Elder Paul! I am really excited about that because I love my area and my companion. Things are really going well with the branch and we have some really cool investigators we are working with. Quite a few missionaries in the zone got transferred so it will be a fun experience getting to know other missionaries and working with them.

This last sunday was great. I went to go an investigators house to go with them to church. As we were walking there they called me and said they wouldn't be able to go, but I felt like we should still go to their house. I really wanted them to go and was determined to get them to church! So we got there and one of them was sitting outside and said, oh my sister got home late and is really tired and went to go buy something at the market and i don't thnk we can go today. SO we waited a little and then his sister called and said she would be getting home soon and would be going to church! I was very excited! Well she got back and then she got ready and her boyfriend who is a member of the church was supposed to go to her house and pick her up but didn't go, so i stayed there waiting and after a little we started walking with her to meet up with her boyfirend who would talk them to church. Meanwhile,her brother who was also going to go went somewhere and I didn't know where he went! So we went with her and her byfriend and when we got to the church we called her brother and then he showed up! Well long story short, after about an hour and a half every one was at church! I was so excited and they really liked the meetings. I am grateful for the chance I had to watch them follow the commandments and go to church!

Well we are seeing lots of miracles in our area. We are also helping a really awesome family. he wife is going to go with us tomorrow to the courthouse to start the divorce so that she can remarry and be baptized! We are really ecited for them. Yesterday, we went there and she said they like fight over who gets to carry the Book of Mormon, She puts it in her purse and reads slowly because she doesn't read too great. They are a great exanple to me. They are loving some of the church films we have brought them I love seeing whole familys embrace the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Also, saturday was a holiday so instead of having engilsh class we had a breakfast! We made pancakes and french toast and muffins and maple syrup! Lots of people liked it, some didn't! I think we made around 100 pancakes! It was funa nd it was a chance to shw some of our culture!

Well all is well here! I am staying healthy and eating lots of açaí! I love you all!

Have an awesome week!

My mission address is :
Missão Brasil Natal
Ave. Interventor Mario Camara No. 2066
Dix-Sept Rosado
Natal, RN

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