"My biggest Christmas wish this year..."

Date: Thu, Dec 5, 2013 at 9:42 AM

e aí family!

Sounds like thanksgiving was an awesome day! Ya natalie told me she made the team. I am excited for her. When does the season end? maybe i will be able to see a game or two. if not, try to record one for me to watch! 

Everything is going well here. This week, three new missionaries got here. I love seeing the new missionaries and how nervous they all look. I remember my first day and how nervous I was. This next transfer we should be getting about 15-20 new missionaries so I am really excited for that! I have a new companion, Elder Adams. He is from enterprise utah, he is an awesome guy with a strong desire to serve the Lord. I will miss Elder Olsen, he is a great missionary but he is still here in the zone so I get to see him alot. 

We are teaching some amazing families! My biggest chirstmas wish this year is that they all get baptized! I love participating in this work. Every day that goes by seems to be busier and busier. Time seems to be getting shorter and shorter. The Lord is truely hastening His work and there a lot of people who are ready to accept the gospel. I have felt my faith increase these last few months. I am truly seeing miracles everyday. 

One miracle i am seeing is a family who we are teaching. the husband said he has been having trouble finding work these past few weeks. He washes cars and said that letly business has been slow. At church sunday, he bores his testimony in teh gospel principles class about prayer. He said that on thursday when we went to visit him and his family, it was one of the first prayers he had really said with us and he said that after that prayer, cars started showing up out of nowhere and now he is having a lot of work to do! His life is getting better and he knows it is because of the blessings he is recieving from the Lord.

Well I better get going. I love you all so much! 


Elder Smith

P.S. Chirstmas is right around the corner! I will have between 10 in the morning and 6 at night to talk to you guys. what is the best time to call? I want to know soon so that I can coordinate with my companion.

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