"a very special experience..."

Date: Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 7:14 AM


I am way excited for Natalie! Sounds like she is really keeping busy! I loved being busy too. She is becoming quite the young lady! 

I forgot that thanksgiving was this week! I will have to see if I can make some mashed potatoes or something to celebrate. There is no thanksgiving here so everyone is already excited for christmas and the stores and streets are decorated with Christmas stuff. It is getting hotter, that mean christmas is close! 

Things are going really well in our area. We have some amazing people to teach who are truly looking for the truth and want to know what to do in their lives. One guy this last week who is a recent-convert's brother said, '' I learned that in our days there will be false prophets, i don't want to attend the wrong church and follow one of these false prophets.'' We explained to him how he could receiev an answer and he has been doing his part. One day we went to his house and he said that the night before he couldn't sleep well. He has been pondering what to do and as he tried to go to sleep, he couldn't sleep well and sat reflecting in their living room about what should be done. I have seen him change so much. He plays lots of instruments and is really interested about the church music and stuff. he took his girlfirend to church sunday and they both loved it! I am excited for them.

There is also another we are teaching who has changed alot. he was a referral from a member from another ward. When we first went there he was drunk. Almost everytime we went there we only got to talk to his wife because he was never able to talk to us because he was always drunk. His wife said there wasn't much we could do but we kept trying. After a while we thought maybe we would be losing our time with him and so we didn't really go back. Then, President Soares asked me to go on splits with some missionaries from another zone and so I went there. during the companion exchange, i went to their ward mission leaders house. it turns out that he was the guy who gave this referral and he asked me if I had gone there. i told him what had happened and then he said that i should try again and if he wanted he could go with me. I thought, okay! So i called me companion and told him to go there again. He went there and they guy was fine and they talked to him and found out he was interested. Long story short, after working with him a little more, he has been sober for a while now and truly has repented and has changed. When we went by the other day he was reading the Book of Mormon. He has already read more than 100 pages. He prayed the other day and asked forgiveness for his sins and said that he has never been so happy in his whole life than he is now. When I opened my eyes I looked at my companion and he was crying. Although i am not a cryer, i felt like crying! It was a very special experience. One i will never forget. he is very excited to be baptized. he keeps asking questions baout baptism and will be baptized this next sunday. His wife is also interested in the gospel and is hearing our messages.

Well things are going great! I love my mission and I love the simplicity of the gospel.

Love you and miss you all!

-Elder Smith

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