"Miracles are happening all around us!"

Date: Monday December 9th

Thanks for the pictures dad! Looks like everyone is in the chirtsmas spirit. I have been listening to some christmas music and I am feeling like it is more and more like christmas. I have been eating alot of panetone as well which makes it feel like Christmas. Panetone is pan dulce dad. I didn't understand exactly what time i should call, is it 2pm  or noon? Do you know what time that is for me here? okay i will get a number for you to call too. 

This last week was really great. My new companion is awesome. He has so much love for the people and big desire to be an awesome missionary. We have been working really hard and we have been teaching some awesome people. I love my area. Miracles are happening all around us! I am glad to be here at this time. 

This last week we were with a member teaching an investigator. We gave the investigator a book of Mormon and she said she would read it. She said she actually had one before and had to gone to church already and everything. The member that was with us said, now you just need to be baptized! We asked her why she wasn't baptized before when she was investigating the church, she said no one really encouraged her to do so, but now that her friend had invited her again and we were teaching her she would like to go to church and become a member! It was awesome. There are people who aren't members of the church just because they don't know where it is or weren't invited to go. So many people are looking for the truth. We need to recognize this and just invite everyone to church because there are alot of people who are curious but were never invited. This experience really helped my testimony. 

We are also teaching a few other great families. Do you guys remember that guy we were teaching who stopped drinking and smoking and doing everything wrong and I said would be baptized? Well he and his wife were baptized and their adopted son who is a member of the church got to baptize them. It was such an amazing thing to see. 

Well I love you all and I hope you have a great Christmas. 


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