"we need to talk to everyone and open our mouths about the gospel"

Date: Mon, Dec 16, 2013 at 10:49 AM

Hello Family!

Well I am excited to talk to you guys next week. 7 PM will work for me too. I wasn't sure because one of the guys that lives with me said he might skype at the same time but I think this year we will use skype at an internet cafe or in the office so there won't be any problem. 

I am really loving the Christmas countdown presents you sent me! I have never had anything like that before! Thanks alot! I am using one of the ties you sent me right now. You are the best family in the world!

As far as Christmas traditions go here in Brazil, they really just commemorate Christmas Eve. they have a huge dinner and invite a buunch of friends and family over and stay up super late. So as missionaries who have to be home at 9 and can't party there aren't many traditions to follow! One tradition I like is the sweet bread they make during this time of year and usually it is a gift that people give to one another. It is kind of like christmas cookies in the united states. I think we are going to make cookies for the people in our apartment building this week and share a message with them! 

I have learned that we need to talk to everyone and open our mouths about the gospel. We never know who will accept our message. For example, we found a pizza place not too long ago that was the cheapest pizza close by. So sometimes we would buy pizza and the delivery guy was pretty cool. Everytime he dropped off the pizza we would talk to him and we invited him to learn more about what we do as missionaries. Our ward is split in two areas and so the other missionaries that live with us went to teach him. He accepted the invite to go to church and he found what was missing in his life. Yesterday he was baptized and it was a very spiritual experience. I know that our Heavenly Father is preparing His children to receive the gospel. The ward was very excited about his baptism and he has alot of friends already. 

Well I love you all and i hope you have a great week. Can't wait to talk to you next week! 

Elder Smith

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