Nike Flip Flops

Date: Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 6:32 AM

Hello family! 

This last week was alot different for me. There were alot of changes but it is exciting and I like being busy. 

Monday night the assistents called me and told me I needed to do a companion exchange in a certain area that was having trouble. I was to stay there until things got better and until we had results. It took a few days but by friday I went back to my own area and got home around 9. Then, President Soares called me aroun10:20 and said I needed to leave the next day to Natal. It was pretty crazy but everything worked out and now I am here in Natal. We have been pretty busy this week. We helped pepare some trainings for the new missionaries that got here this week. It was really fun to see them all get here and to talk to them. There are alot of new sisters! There seems to be more sisters every transfer! The new missionaries seemed really nervous but also excited to serve! I cantell they are being well prepared and really have strong desires to serve. 

This last week when I was in an rea called Pombal, there was a member that visited some investigators with us. One day he had visited people with the sisters and at the end of the day I asked, how was your day? He said, "it was great! I bore my testimony three times about the Prophet and I said two prayes in the lessons." We should all be excited to share our testimonies. Also, when he was with us his flip flop broke. I felt bad because he walks with the missionaries almost every day and he was using like a 8 reais ( 3 dollar) flip flop. He said it was alright and grabbed a little nail off the ground and tried to fix it. I said let us buy you a new one but he didn't want us to. But me and the other missionary I was with bought him a new nike flip flop that was only like 12 reais( 5 or 6 dollars) and he couldn't stopped thanking us for that even the next day he was thanking us. I love these people and they are such a great example to me. 

Well I love you all and I hope everything is going well! The fans are great mom! They are nice when you have to travel and stuff! 

Well I am really loving my mission and I really grew alot this last week. I was praying alot and doing all I could to help that area I was in and we had success. I know that this is the Lord's work and I love being a part of it. 

Thank you for everything you do. I love you all! 


Elder Smith 

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