"I prayed for a birthday miracle..."

Date: Mon, Nov 11, 2013 at 9:06 AM

Hello my wonderful family!

Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes and pictures and videos. I got a bunch of the people here in the office saying ohhh!!! with the video of Nolan saying happy birfday uncle Isaac! Mel sent some awesome pictures as well. 

Well I just confirmed with my president that my last day here in Brasil will be the 27th of February and most likely my plane will arrive on the 28th of February. Sorry it took so long to confirm things. But now it is certain! 

Well things are going well here, actually they are going great! This last week was awesome. On tuesday I prayed for a birthday miracle and it was such an amazing day! We went to teach one of the members friends who went to church. We got there pretty late because we had a mission leadership training thing but we got there and we shared the first lesson with her. She had a lot of great questions and when we were getting done I asked if she had any questions about what we taught and she said, '' when can I get baptized... I know it's true''. She had an amazing experience at church and also after we challenged here to read the Book of Mormon, i asked how she felt and she said, '' i don't really know how to explain it but I just know that I need to be baptized sunday". I know the Lord is truly in front of this work and I love being a part of it. This investigator also stopped drinking coffee simply after i had told her not to drink it anymore. 

Also, we are a teaching an awesome family that went to church 2 weeks ago, they had an amazing experience and our bishop is very excited about helping them join the church. We are going to work alot with them this week and help them do what they need to to be baptized in the church. 

The elect of the Lord are all around us. Sometimes we don't recognize them as the elect at first, but if we truly look for the potencial in others, we can help them change their lives. We were teaching a young lady who goes to church everyweek with her aunt and we started to teach the plan of salvation. After, we started talking about baptism. I knew she wasn't baptized but I didn't know why because she is so awesome and loves the church. I asked her if she would like to be baptized and she said yes! Then I gave her a Book of Mormon and she got super excited and read it at night and prayed about it. She was simply awaiting the invite I think. We simply need to listen to the Spirit and do what he tells us to do.

Well I love you all and I miss you alot! I am excited for the upcoming Christmas season! I love Christmas! We are trying some new programs this christmas season to try and find more people who are looking for the restored gospel!

This last birthday was the best I have ever had.


Elder Smith

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