"I literally LOVE my mission.."

Date: Mon, Nov 18, 2013 at 6:02 AM

Hello Family!

I am glad to hear things are going well at home. I am sure you are the best seminary teacher in the world mom! I am a little jealous of that cold weather! Luckily I am in Natal and so it is pretty chilly to me after being in one of the hottest cities of the missino for almost 5 months! Tell Nat good luck on the basketball tryout! I am excited to hear how it goes. I too can't believe she is in 9th grade. This is way crazy! She looks so different. Almost everytime I meet a young woman who is 14 I think, " there is no way Natalie can be this big already! " It will sure be a shocker when I get home! I really don't feel like my appearance has changed much. just a little balder and blacker. 

This last week was a great one! I love being a missionary and I love my area! I worked until friday morning in an area here in Natal close to where I started my mission. It was really fun to remember my first area. During the week, we had to go to my first area Nova Republica to do a baptismal interview for another missionary. When we we walking back we passed by a convert I had worked with when I got here. She really had grown alot! I asked her if she had her baptismal picture and she grabbed it and brought it to me. It was all framed and nice and I wanted to cry I was so happy! I think of the joy I feel when someone is baptized, but I know that here in ten years i will be so happy to talk with those I worked with and to see their growth in the gospel. I am so ecxited to see them in the temple, or on missions, or raising their children in the gospel. I literally LOVE my mission and I am so grateful to be here serving the Lord. I am so grateful that the Lord helped me serve a mission. it is the best thing ever!

This last week we were teaching a member's friends who are very awesome! One of them is one of the young women I said got a very strong testimony of the Book of Mormon last week and wanted to be baptized. Well we were preparing them for baptism this week and her sister seemed a little uneasy about her baptism. So, the missionary that was with my companion talked to her and simply asked if she had received a testimony of the Book of Mormon yet. She said she wasn't really sure. He simply asked her to read and pray and she would have an answer. the next day she was a whole new person! She had read and prayed and truly knew that this is the true church. It was so awesome. Their brother is now very interested in the church as well, he is really awesome and I am excited to teach him. 

Well I miss you all and I love being a missinoary! I can now say that I know that miracles have not stopped. this is the Lord's work and he wants us to help EVERYONE return to his presence.

Elder Smith

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