Rexburg is the dream city!

Date: Jul 22, 2013 8:47 AM


Everyone is looking great! I am glad you all got to Rexburg safely. Rexburg is the dream city! Nat is still looking super old to me. I hope the graduation goes well.

Well this last week was one of the best on my mission so far. 

First of all, the district president here in Sousa gave us the idea to start an english class. He was an english teacher and has lots of materials and stuff and was willing to help. Well we talked to our branch missin leader and he helped us organize some things and get the word out. We visited some schools to invite students and people signed up through facebook. Well Saturday we had our first class. Until now, all the enlgish classes I have taught have just been like 15 people or less. Well saturday we had around 150 people in the cultural hall wanting to learn english from us! There are all very excited. We are going to divide the classes by their skill levels and it is going to be legit. Next week will be the last chance for people to join. It is a 24 week course and there are some really great people there. I am excited to teach them all english! The members are there as well and will invite the people to church and to learn more about the gospel. We are doing lots of fun activities to find new people and help integrate them with the members. Saturday night we had a talent show. Elder Staheli, a young man and I did the helicopter thing Cort taught me. It was a hit! The members stated shouting, de novo, de novo, de novo! (Again, again, again!) My neck is still hurting but it was definitely worth it.

Also, we have this awesome recent convert who really showed alot of faith. We went to visit him this last week and we noticed a whole new person. His house had a bunch of alcoholic drink bottles and his appearance was a little scragly. This last tuesday when Elder Staheli went to visit him with another missinoary (we were on companion exchanges) he had cleaned his house and cut his hair and shaved and everything! I hardly even recognized him! Where there used to be a bunch of drink bottles, he now has a bible, The Book of Mormon and church pamphlets. It was miraculous. And the great thing of all, is that ever since the first time I went to his house to start teaching him, (we were also on splits that day) he never drank or smoked again. He completely left his old life behind him to follow Christ. It was amazing. He is already well integrated with the ward and the members. Also this week, we taught him about the Sabbath day and taught him that we don't work on sundays. He has been struggling to find work and so we promised him, that he would find a job if he would tell his boss that he can't work sundays and only accept a job that allows him to do that. The very next morning at 8 AM, a man knocked on his dorr and said he had work for him to do. He told him that he would accept but that he can't work on sundays. The boss said that he too doesn't work on sundays and that he wouldn't need to work on sundays. It was a miracle.

I love being a missionary of Jesus Christ. I have lately been trying to lose the habit of saying that I am a missionary of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and instead just saying, I am a missionary of Jesus Christ. 

Well I love you all! I will try to send pictures next week!


Elder Smith

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