3 Nephi 13: 21

Date: May 27, 2013 7:08 AM

Hello everyone! I liked the cousin awards. And it seems like yesterday I was reading about last years Memorial day dutch oven party! Time really flies! You'll have to let me know what some of the best dishes were.
This week went well. We are pretty tired but it feels good working alot. We taught alot of different people and we are diligently searching for the elect!
Very frequently, we walk to a part of the town a little away from the city. It is called Sitio Lucas. There we have a few investigators who we teach and sundays there is a van that takes them into town for church. Well there are a few road workers usually who talk to us when we pass by or ask about the church so we marked a day to go there during their lunch break and teach them a lesson. On friday we went there and about 12 rough looking men gathered around and let us preach! It was a very new experience. We taught the first lesson and I think it went well. I kind of felt like Dan Jones. Sadly, they all pretty much live really far and are just here working. But I know that we may have planted some good seeds and who know what might come out of it. We still walk by there frequently so we will be able to maintain contact. It was a little different but a fun new experience.
Well, we are paciently working and trying to help our ward grow. We have some really great members but it just seems like things aren't moving too quickly as of now. We have made some good plans and we are going to be doing an activity here in a few weeeks to help things get rolling!
This week we started teaching a few less-actives. It is interesting to see how there really are alot of people who want to return to church, but without someone helping them, it is really hard! They might wonder what others will think or how they may be accepted at church. That is why we need to go in search for these people and walk with them back into the light. I find the same amount of joy in helping someone become active in the church again as much as helping someone be baptized. Either way, you are helping someone follow the example of Christ and helping someone to get on the true path.
I was studying the Book of Mormon this week and the sermon on the mount that Christ gave. I really like the scipture in 3 Nephi 13: 21 which talks about how wherever our treasure is, there our heart will be also. Or in other words, whatever our desires are, that will influence our actions. If we choose to serve God, our rewards will come from Him also. And the opposite is true also.
Well I am really feeling grateful for my mission and for everything I have in my life. It is crazy how many things I took for granted. Even little things like always having food at home, having good water to drink, having water at all, etc. I know I was called to Brasil for a reason and I love these people.
Have an awesome week. I miss you all and love you lots!
Love, Elder Smith

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