"Sunday we saw some miracles at church..."

Date: May 6, 2013 at  7:23 AM

Hello family!
Sounds like cinco de mayo was a success! I really miss mexican food! Tell Natalie everything will be okay, I am sure the MRI will help her feel better. I haven't really had headaches or anything much, sometimes I feel dizzy but it isn't anything out of the ordinary I think, I think sometimes it is just so warm I just kind of get headaches. I hope everything goes well with that new family as well in the ward! It is so great to see a new family get baptized in the church. I am sure they are recieving lots of help from the Roderick's and Cranney's.
Well I was transferred today to an area called Malvinas in the city of Campina Grande. I guess it gets pretty chilly here at night they say, but we will see if that's really true, I haven't really felt cold in a long time. I really enjoyed Guarabira. The people there were really awesome and I had alot of great experiences. It will be great though to be in a new place, I know it is where the Lord needs me. I always get a little nervous every transfer when I go to a new place, but everything always seems to work out.
This last week we worked quite a bit in Belém and we had a good number of investigators there. The members there really like to help and all have amazing testimonies. I will never forget those people. I hope by the end of my mission that small group can become a branch.
Sunday we saw some miracles at church. We walked around in the scorching sun before church for a little over an hour trying to pick up investigators but no one would go with us or they just weren't home. Well we got to the chapel hoping a few had maybe gone alone but there was no one there. At around 930 we left ( sacrament meeting is at the end of church) and went to try and find people to take to church! We were able to take a young boy who was the son of a family we are teaching. He was the only one that went with us but when we got back to the church, there were lots of investigators that has gone there alone! It was a pretty cool experience and I was so happy to see them all at church. 
Well I love you all and hope all is well! Sorry I don't have much to write, I am kind of lost in this new area and there is alot going on! But I am very excited for sunday to talk to you guys! 
Elder Smith
Mom, I won't wish you a happy mother's day now because I will get to talk to you sunday!

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