"I think every area needs sisters!"

Date: Mon, Jan 28, 2013 at 6:49 AM

Oi Família! 

Thanks for the letter that cam wrote on his blog. Sounds like he is doing great there. I have written him a few times but I am waiting for a response right now. That's way cool that brother lybbert was called bishop! He will be an awesome bishop. That's cool you guys got to go to the temple. Yesterday we had a district conference and they talked alot about going to the temple and how the temple needs to be the focus of the district. They told lots of stories about temple experiences and I learned alot. (District is like a smaller stake). Thanks for that scripture Mom. I love that one. I hope I can strive to be that kind of person. With the world how it is today, we need to be stronger and more prepared than ever before.

Well My first few days here in Guarabira were great. It has been super busy and I have been pretty tired. Our district (district of missionaries) is really awesome. It is just us and a companionship of sisters. The sisters are awesome! They work so hard and bring a great spirit to the work. I think every area needs sisters! We are serving in the same ward so we do alot of things with them. (Lunch, meetings with the ward mission leader, family nights, etc.) Our area is pretty big aswell. We had to get on a big traveling bus for like 40 minutes to go teach some investigators and eat lunch with a member. Luckily it's pretty cheap so it's not to bad. We take care of a district and a group in another city. We mainly stay here in Guarabira and work with the branch but sometimes we got out to a city called Belém (Bethlahem) and work there when there are really strong investigators who are going to church and want to be taught. The members out there help us aswell teach some of the lessons but we have to go out there to do things that only missionaries can do (invitations to be baptized and stuff). It is a very new experience and I am still getting used to it. But the people here are very nice and I am liking it so far.

My companion is really great. He is very funny but also teaches very well. He is realy excited to do the work and is teaching me alot of things. He knows how to work well with people and how to get people to talk to us. The people in this city remind me a little of the people in my first area. They are very nice and usually will accept our message. But we need to find those that will not only accept our message but also act on it. It is pretty easy to know if someone is really interested because they don't tell you that didn't have time to read the Book of Mormon and what not. They fulfill their commitments and show true desire to follow the gospel of Jesus Christ. I love watching people fulfill their commitments becuase I know it is the only way they will be able to grow closer to their Father in Heaven. 

Some funny stories this week. When we went traveling to go visit some investigators, we passed through a little town called bananeiras which in english means banana trees. There were so many banana trees! I took some pictures of the banana trees but when we got to the town square my camera died and I didn't get a picture of the banana statues. 

I was studying a book called Jesus the Christ today and I was reading about the sermon on the mount. I learned alot of new things I have never noticed. I like how Christ took lots of things people thought were okay and told them that they needed to live a higher law. We should always try to do this in our lives. Wherever we´re at we can improve. It's interesting how easy it is to fall and become weaker and how dificult it is to become stronger. When we are trying to become stronger it feels like we are going nowhere. When we stop trying, we fall quickly.

But things are going good here. I won't be able to send you guys pictures today because I am still looking for my adapter thing and the guy here at the internet cafe doesn't know where his is. But I will try to get some off next week. 

There is a good amount of work to be done here. We have some good investigators and we are hoping to see some progress this week from them. This transfer will be really short because there are going to be alot of missionaries coming in and I think they have to get them out of the MTC faster. 

I really hope everything is going well back home. I miss you all and hope everything continues to go well. Tell Nolan happy bird-day for me.

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