"Heavenly Father and his commandments don't change."

Date: Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 6:19 AM

Dear Family,

Well it was great to talk to you all on Christmas day! It's true there wasn't too much time, but I was still way excited. Christmas here was a whole lot different. Later on on Christmas day we went caroling with some members to a few families. It was a cool experience. I could tell many people had maybe been lonely on christmas. A few of the members started crying and it was a great experience. There was one member who went around to a lot of children's houses in the ward and gave out toys. I was inspired by his example of helping others. 

This week we had some christmas miracles aswell. Last sunday we were really without much to do. We decided to knock doors on a certain street. We started down the street but not many people showed a whole lot of interest. But finally we reached a nice looking home and decided to knock there. A man answered the door and was very polite and let us in. We shared a message with them and then marked another appointment and left. We had also explained about the Book of Mormon and given them one to read. When we returned later that week, one of them had read started from the beginning. He was super excited. He said they only church he ever went to was a little of the catholic church when he was a child before his baptism but after that not much more. He told us he wanted to learn more and continue in the church. The Book of Mormon has been a great guide for him and is inspiring him to continue. He has been accepting our messages and progressing. We are hoping to teach his whole family. There are all great people. He kind of reminds me of my friend Ricky, I don't know why. I think just his style and stuff. He is a trapezist (is this right?) at the circus! I thought that was pretty cool.

Also, we have been working alot with less-actives in the ward. Last sunday we got a list of all the members in the ward. We are visiting everyone to try and see if they will accept our message again and hopefully come back to church. There are many that have moved so we are going to try and update some of the records as well.

Among those who have not moved, we found a man who accepted us very nicely. He has been less-active for a while but he seems like a very nice guy. We talked to him about our purpose in visiting these less-actives and he told us we could come back and teach him and his family. Before we left, he told us how grateful he was that we had gone there to talk to him. He said he a had been talking to his wife that they needed to find a religion for his family just the other week. He really was graetful we had come and I was able to tell him with absolute certainty that if he is looking for a church to raise his kids and nurture his family, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the best place you can find. 

I have been thinking a little latelty about how much the world changes and how Heavenly Father and his commandments don't change. I am grateful for that. In a world where it is so hard to find truth, light and virtue, the gospel brings these things into our lives. I love the gospel. I was telling my companion the other day how much I love teaching the commandments. There are the clear way to happiness. If we want happiness and protection, we need only do what the prophets tell us. The way is so clear!

Well I hope you all have a great New Year! I am a little anxious to see what happens here new years eve with fireworks and stuff, seeing that even after soccer games sometimes the country kind of seems like they are celebrating new years! It will sure be a new experience.

Have a great week! I love you all and hope all is well back home! I was glad to see you all looking so well on christmas. I was serious when I said you all look skinnier!

Happy New Year! Miss you all!

Elder Smeech

Pic 1: A picture my bishop took while I was skyping you guys.
Pic 2: This was the sheet Sanat put up on christmas morning (he had to just throw it over the ironing board but it had the same effect)
Pic 3: I completed the tree you all had sent me! Thanks!
Pic 4: Me and the other Elders in the house waiting to open our gifts from Santa!
Pic 5: Opening some gifts

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