"I know the Savior did for us what we cannot do for ourselves."

Date: Mon, May 21, 2012 at 12:15 PM

Thanks Mom,

Sounds fun, seems like alot of missionaries are coming and going about this time. When do the Del Toro's move? How is Nat's soccer going? Is she still on the same team?

I played soccer today with real Brazilians! We played at the church, they have like a cement court for basketball and soccer and volleyball, but I think people only play soccer there. Some young men came and played. They don't even wear shoes when they play! My feet would get torn up so bad, it was pretty awesome though, I felt a little more immersed in the culture. There are always kids playing soccer in the streets here. I wish I would've brought a Sounder's Jersey, everyone has their team here! 

I have been playing piano at Church, it's going well! Not sure if I told you abou tthis yet but for some reason the first time I played I was playing and I guess they didn't sing the second verse, so when I went to play the third and final verse, no one was really singing. The song just ended akwardly, but that's okay! Since then things have been pretty good. It is good practice for me and helps me keep it up. 

Transfers were this week, the other companionship left and so we have two new Elders in the house. Elder Orr (American from Salt Lake) and Elder Da Rosa (Brazilian). Both are cool, we slept outside on our patio a couple nights ago, it was kinda loud with all the street noise (even louder than normal!), but felt nice!

We had a confirmation Sunday, a young woman named Luana. She was baptized a few weeks ago but the week after had to take of her sister and the week after her cousins that usually go with her weren't there and she didn't want to go without them. But she came this week and looked happier than ever! It was great.

We had investigators at Sacrament meeting so that was fun. And we have a young man (reference) we are meeting with tonight. We have a family night with the Bishop and we are bringing some investigators. I'm pretty excited to see how it works out with all these people! It is so cool to be able to not have to worry about much but other people's happiness. Feels pretty good! 

Not much too crazy has happened since last Thursday. We are hoping for some Baptisms this weekend, We have one man 20 years old and another young man who is 13. The young man is already attending seminary! And the 20 year old has been progressing very well. I am excited for them both. The members are great here and very willing to help us with the work. I am grateful for that!

Well I hope you all have a great week! I think this will be a pretty busy one for us. I love you and miss you all! I know the Savior did for us what we cannot do for ourselves. He paid the price we could not and can not pay. We must show Him our gratitude for that sacrifice through our keeping the commandments and trying to follow his perfect example. Thanks for being such a great family, I don't know why but I was given the best! Love you and miss you all!

Your Favorite Son!

P.S. Dad I really liked the talk and Andreas story. It was nice to get some enlightenment on Mother's because I didn't understand the talks on Mother's Day perfectly in Portuguese! The joke at the beginning was awesome! And I agree, Mom and Grandma Backstein and Grandma Smith are amazing!

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