Astonish the daylights out of those Brazilians!

Sounds like you had a good time in Hawaii! I feel bad for Nat, maybe you can take me and Nat in a couple years. Yes I was able to put the pictures on a card and develop them, thanks! But I brought my adapter thing this week and forgot the card! I will have to do it next week. I had an awesome picture for you though. I guess your not supposed to leave pizza sauce just out in a kinda sealed container. I will attach the picture next week. It's pretty nasty! This week was even a greater adventure with the shower, Dad you'll be extra proud.

Our water got shut off by the people living under us (they didn't know it controlled our water too) and we had to just fill a bucket and take a bath with that! I did well, I think I only used like 1-2 gallons.

Tell Mom thanks for the pizza recipe, I have been making them quite often, they are pretty good! We made a couple today for everyone. Thanks for forwarding those letters. I have a couple more coming in the next few weeks I think. I just don't have many addresses. Can you email me like JDT's address and Mel and Jake and Laurel? And any others you may have too. I think I will be receiving letters this week, I am very excited for that.

We had Elder Holland come speak to us this week! It was so awesome! There was a special conference for just like 6 zones in the mission. My Pesident and his wife, a Sventy and his wife, and Elder Holland and his wife all spoke, It was awesome. We got to shake his hand too. Elder Holland spoke about teaching with power and authority, about the most important convert on your mission is yourself, about how you can never fall away after your mission, about how we need to bring spirituality into people's lives because many people have only little or no spirituality in their lives, and how we should be the missionaries that our family or little sister or brother or cousin thinks we are. Some of my favorite quotes were:

-''Astonish the daylights out of those Brazilians!''
-''Melt their Adidas to the floor''
-''We say we have authority, we must act like it''
-''Go back home with dignity, power, and strength of an Elder in Israel''
-''Be the missionary your family, little brother, little sister, or little cousin thinks you are''

I think these are pretty close to his words. The last one is my favorite. I really want to make my family proud and I show pictures of you guys all the time. You are the greatest! Thanks for helping me learn the gospel and always being such awesome examples! Alot of people can tell you what to do but I think it's alot harder to show someone what to do. Some of the greatest lessons I have learned came from examples of you guys. You are all awesome!

Dad I like that story about Bobby Jones. Another thing Elder Holland talked about was if we want our investigators to pray with real intent, then maybe we need to pray with real intent. And if we want our investigators to repent a little, maybe we need to repent a little. An example of someone goes a lot farther than just words. Sounds like Bobby Jones was a pretty awesome guy.

Well I love you all! Can't wait to skype soon! I email my president Dad about the Skype thing or google, I will let you know what he says. All is well here in Brasil! I have noticed when I do my part, things seem to go great! Like when I have confidence and faith I speak great and understand great! But when I don't I am on my own. I know we should always trust the Lord and if we do our part he will do his.
Have a great week! Eat some American food for me, hopefully I get that package this week! Tchau!

Elder Isaac Teddy Smith
(Brazilians pronounce it ''Ewder Ezmeech'')

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