I farted for my first time during a lesson...

Ya I am very excited to talk to you guys this week! I sent some instructions for Skype in another email. I think I will call you around 2:30 PM your time. I hope that works. I don't really know how else to tell you when I will call if that doesn't work. And I don't remember when church is. I know Dad has to speak so I am hoping if church is at 1 it will still work. I can try calling at 3 PM too if it would be better. Just keep skype on and keep your cell phones in case I need to call first. But if at possible, just have skype open at and I will call you. Use Dad's skype name if you can. If you need to make a new one, add me as a skype friend my name is smith.isaac29. If all else fails I can just call.

Sounds like some fun partying! Did you guys have some real mexican food at the Cinco De Mayo party? Was Dad speaking spanish with Ed? That'd be so cool if Kadyn lived with you guys! Sister Del Toro has called me Kadyn and had a conversation with me as if I was him before, I guess we look alot alike. So maybe he will help you not miss me as much. I can't believe the tree got cut down! Send a picture if you can, what do the neighbors think about it? Do you guys like it? And tell Nat to keep playing piano. It gets funner as you get better and I am so glad I can play for church here. I should've played more but I can get by and I know I will love t play for awhile. Piano is awesome because it is something you can do all your life. How is Preschool Mom? I miss those little whipper snappers running around. There awesome. Oh and hey tell Dad to use this line in his talk, '' Every Mothers Day it seems like we talk about how awesome moms and women are, but on Fathers Day we talk about how husbands and men can be better'' Dad said this once, it would be funny if he included it in his talk.

Some things that happened this week, I farted for my first time during a lesson. But he didn't hear so it was all good! I saw a dead flat cat on the road. And I got letters and my package! Thanks for the package, it was so awesome. I love the ties and tie rack (I think one of the ties and tie rack are from JDT?) and candy and food. It was like chirstmas. I am trying to pace myself on eating everything. I want it to last! And letters and everything were awesome too. Thanks!

We have some good investigators right now. One is a young man age 19. He is accepting our message and committing to live the commandments we taught. He couldn't come to church cause he had a test but hopefully this week he can! We are teaching two families right now. I hope everything works out with them, they didn't go to church (only the husbands of the two families said they would but they didn't go either) so we will contact them this week and see what's going on. 

Well I can't wait to talk to you this weekend. I hope everything works out! If the skype thing doesn't work we can just use the phone. Sorry I didn't really prepare much. I didn't really know what to do! So just try and stick to the plan I wrote earlier and it should all work out. 

I love you all! Thanks for everything and especially the package and letters. It was so awesome to recieve them. I'll hopefully see you this weekend and if not I will for sure talk to you this weekend! Tchau!

-Elder Smith

Picture 1: I guess here in Brasil you are supposed to put tomato suace in the fridge after you open it.

Picture 2: We had a P-Day with the zone. We walked to the middle of this huge bridge in Natal. Awesome view.

Picture 3: A cool hut we found while walking to the Aquarium on our P-Day with the zone.

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