"When it rains here it rains..."

Date: Mon, May 28, 2012 at 11:33 AM

Oi família!

Sounds like a fun week! And that's an awesome story about Nolan, he is an awesome kid! What was the best dutch oven dish today? Who all came? I got letters this week, thanks for all the easter letters you guys had people write, and tell Laurel and Mel I got their letters, I haven't gotten Andrea´s yet though. 

Well yesterday was great! We were able to baptize a man named Marcello. He is 21 years old and has made so many changes. It has sure been alot of work and alot of time, but he has been accepting our teachings and has allowed the Spirit to change his life. I don't feel like we had to do much persuading, we merely presented the gospel to him and the Spirit did the rest. He has worked to get to this point and I am so proud of him. I know he has great potential and so many blessings lie in store for him as he continues in the gospel. Also, he didn't think anyone in his family would go but then on our way to church he said his mom said she might come, and she did! I'm pretty sure he was so happy. It was great, and, we got cake after!

Well I will attach some pictures, one of our baptism and the other was a rainy day here. It has been pretty rainy here, but luckily not too much during the day, mainly just at night (which helps alot because no one really parties and we have been getting some good sleep). It really helps cool things off but then after I think it's even hotter! But when it rains here it rains. I must say, it's been a good week for a duck!

We are planning a talent show to take place hopefully the 16 of June. I'm pretty excited. I think we will do a talent show and then have like dessert after. I really want to make something good. I was thinking either cookies or brownies but I need mom to send me a recipe. Mom can you send me the chocolate chip cookie recipe? And also can you look for a brownie recipe from scratch? Like just with chocolate powder? Thanks! Or anyother ideas you might have. The point of the activity is to create friendship in the ward with members, less-actives, new members and non-members. Also to find more people to teach. And also, to eat alot of good treats. I'm pretty excited. 

We are working with an investigator named Felipe right now, he is 20 I think. He is allowing us to teach him and is coming to our english class. He went to church last week but not yesterday. He said he already received an anbswer about the Book of Mormon and we extended more committments. We will go their today and teach and see how he is doing! 

Well I miss you alot! I must say I wish I could be there today for the dutch oven, it's one of the many awesome memories I have of home! But eat an extra plate for me. Any new recipes this year? I love you all and miss you. Thanks for the letters and emails and pictures, they are great. Have an awesome week!

Ame seu filho preferido,

Elder Smith

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