"I have a strong testimony about the elect."

Date: Jun 25, 2013 10:34 AM

Hello family,

Yes there has been lots of riots lately in Brasil. They thought it would just stay in the big cities but incredibly we see a little here too but it is not nearly as bad as it is in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. Here it is just like a few people on the streets with pickit signs. It is pretty sad sometimes to hear about these things, but I hope it will clear up soon. 

I am really liking my new area. We are very very busy but I really like being busy. I feel like many good things are happening and I am glad to be a part of it. Tell Mel Happy Birthday! I can't believe she is 30. It's weird to think I have a sister so old. I feel like time is moving back home but my life isn't changing much! I will be 21 this year though and that is pretty weird to think about as well.

This last week I was working with another Elder in the city and we starting talking to a guy that was sitting in like a park thing. After talking a little I realized he was drunk. He told us about his desire to stop drinking and started crying with us. This actually happens alot with us so it wasn't anything new. But I felt that we should get his address and go to his house when he was sober. So later in the week we went there and he accepted us really well. He hadn't forgotten much from the time we contacted him on the street and we set some goals with him including a baptismal date. He is excited and we are too. Sadly we switched areas this week with the sisters and so I won't continue working with him but I am excited to see him progress and I know he will succeed in trying to overcome his drinking habits. The Lord is preparing His children to hear the message of the Restoration. I have a strong testimony about the elect. I know they exist and they are truly being prepared by our Heavenly Father.

Well I hope you all have an awesome week. Thanks for the letters and everything. Thanks for the video Dad! I miss you all alot and I hope everything is going well.


Elder Smith

P.S. Hey if you want anything from Brasil let me know because my companion is heading back at the beginning of August and so if you want anything (bracelets, rings, brazilian flavored juice packets) i can send them with him in a box and it will be very cheap to send. 

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