"My first ingrown toenail!"

Date: Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 10:48 AM

Thanks for the letter and the pictures!

Wow those are kids are just so darn cute! They are all growing super fast aswell! That's exciting that Mel will have a boy. Now Jake will have a huntin' partner! I hope Easter went well for you all. My package is in João Pessoa and I think next week I should be getting it! Thanks so much!

Well this last week was very busy. We had transfers yesterday. I will be staying here in Guarabira with Elder Cabrera. A new sister got here. She is from paraguay! Now we have four different nationalities in our district! It's pretty fun and sometimes I work on my spanish talking with them. I am praying in spanish almost every night! Now when I get home and we have family prayer I will do as Dad does when he asks what language we want but instead I will say, ''english, portuguese, or spanish?''

We have a really great investigator who is a recent convert's cousin. She started reading the Book of Mormon about two weeks ago and she is really one of the elect. She told us that since she has started reading the Book of Mormon she can't feel sad anymore! She said she has never seen anything so true. She loves the church and studies the gospel alot. Before we even taught her the lessons it seemed that she had already taken some of the pamphlets we use from her cousin and had already learned almost everything! Sadly, her family doesn't quite agree. Her dad said if she gets baptized she won't be able to live there anymore. She is working through lots of problems there at home but is maintaining lots of faith and is working through many trials. Her testimony of the gospel and determination to follow Christ is amazing. I am very excited for her and I know she will make a great member of the church. 

We also have a recent convert who is progressing very well. He showed up at church about an hour early in a white shirt and tie. He is very excited about the gospel and is anxious to go to the temple. Unfortunately there is only a caravan to the temple about every three months, but he is preparing along with another recent convert family and I am very excited for them all. The temple should always be our focus. I am so excited to go to the temple again after my mission!

Well my fruit diet is going well. I am feeling alot more healthy and I have lost around 20 pounds since I left home! It doesn't really look like it though. i think I have just lost a lot of muscle! I usually do exercises in the morning but I don't have equipment so it is just basically puch-ups and sit-ups!

Well I love you all! I hope you have a great rest of the week! I think about you all alot and I am very excited to skype you here in about 5 weeks!

Com muito amor,

Elder Smith

P.S. Now we can send and recieve emails from anyone! So if you could get me camerons email address that would be awesome! Thanks!

Pic 1: These are some warts on the bottom of my feet! I have a few between the toes too!
Pic 2: We had to empty the baptismal font with buckets because here they have a pump to empty the font and it broke!
Pic 3: My first ingrown toenail!

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