"I have learned a lot from many humble people here in Brasil."

Date: Mon, Apr 22, 2013 at 7:28 AM

Hello Family!

Sounds like you guys had a great week there in Utah! Looks like the sun was shining and everyone had a good tme. You are all looking so great! Even though Nat and Laurel look older, mom and dad look younger! I think I am starting to look old too, not sure though. I haven't lost as much hair as I thought I would so that is a good sign! Thank you for all the pictures, I love pictures! That is cool you guys got to go to the Las Vegas and St. George Temples.  l love temples.

Well this week was a busy one! We are traveling even more now, working basically in two cities. I am really greatful for this oppurtunity though because I am meeting more great people than before! One of our investigators in BelĂ©m who's parents don´t let her go to church or be baptized, is showing alot of faith. We saw her this week and she said that she has to wake up at 1230 at night to readthe Book of Mormon because her family doesn't want to see that book. I thought it was so cool how someone who isn't even member of the church is doing every thing possible to read the Book of Mormon, it really shows us how we need to appreciate the Book of Mormon and take advantage of the opportunity we have to read from it's pages.

It started raining a little this week which has been a blessing for many here in the northeast part of Brasil. It has been really dry and the price of almost everything has gone up becuase of poor farming opportunities. I am happy that it has been raining because there are many cities without water now and I know that it is a blessing to many humble people. I never even thought to be grateful for things so simple as water before my mission. When something is always available to us we aren't as grateful for that thing as we should be. I have learned a lot from many humble people here in Brasil.

Because of the rain, there are alot more bugs! Yesterday we got to the church for Branch Counsel and the hallway had a ton of little bugs! I thought it was nasty, then a member told me that people eat these bugs here in Brasil and they are actually kind of rare and expensive! I don't think I will be trying this type of food but it was still a little interesting. 

I have really been enjoying the opportunities I have to study the scriptures lately. I am glad to have so much time to learn more about the gospel and the teachings of prophets both ancient and modern. I know that Heavenly Father truly inspires and calls prophets to guide us and help us through the journey of life.

Well I love you all so much! Thanks for all the support you all give me! I don't know how I got so lucky to be born into this family. You guys are the best! 

I am very excited to skype you guys as well. I don't know if I will be here in Guarbira or in another area for mothers day because we have transfers just the week before. But usually the wards here start at 9 but then we have lunch with a member so I am thinking that maybe after your church, around 3 or 4 would be a good time. But if you prefer before church I think that would work too. 

I read an awesome scripture today in I Corinthians 9:16 that talks about our duty to preach the gospel. I am gratefulf or the chance I have to be a full-time missionary and I love my purpose!

Tchau for now!

Love you all!

Elder Smith

Pic 1: My companion fake eating the nasty bug
Pic 2: Me with my wonderful treats from you guys!
Pic 3: We had an open house at the chapel but no one entered, so we took a table outside and talked to the people that passed by on the street in front of the chapel!
Pic 4: Nasty bug that people here fry up and eat! I think they just eat one part of it.

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