"I can't believe how fast I am growing up!"

Date: Mon, Apr 8, 2013 at 7:26 AM

Ola família!

Sounds like you guys had a great week this past week! Sailboat riding and hanging out with the fam, doesn't get much better than that! This past week was a little dissapointing for us. But at least at the end of the week we got to watch conference. I think my favorite two talks were the talk on obedience by President Monson and Elder Holland's talk. I love hearing the words of living prophets and I am so grateful we have living prophets to guide us in our lives. 

This last week one of our investigators who was progressing well, stopped progressing. Sadly, her family is very against the church. She loves the Book of Mormon and going to church. She is really on of the elect. When we went to her house to talk to her parents, they didn't really accept us very well. We explained lots of things and one of the brothers in the ward was there with his wife. She ended up not going to church sunday which made me pretty sad. But we will continue to work and pray for her that she can overcome the challenges that lie ahead. 

Don't worry to much about the warts mom, I will go to the pharmacy and try to get something to get them off of my feet. They do hurt quite a bit but thats okay. I think I will be going to a lady either today or tomorrow to remove the ingrown toenail, luckily it doesn't hurt that bad! That's crazy to hear that Christian got diabetes. I hope his mom will feel better. He is a good sport, reading his letter I was impressed on how he handled the situation and knew that this challenge would only benefit him in his life.

This week, we worked alot with a recent convert. He took us around to visit some of his friends and he really has no shyness in sharing the gospel! He asks the people he see's on the street, '' can we share the bible with you?'' He is a great guy. He was mute until the age of fourteen so his speech isn't perfect but he really is an example to many. He has completely turned his life around and it is interesting to see other's reaction as he passes by with us at his side. I tell him'' you are an example to so many! So many talk about following Christ but you are actually doing it!'' 

Well it seems that the main theme in conference is missions and families, two things I love! I think that on my mission, two things I have developed great love for are missionary work and families. I have developed a greater apreciation for my family and a stronger desire to be a good father to my future family. I have developed a greater love for  missionary work as well and a greater desire to do this work for the rest of my life. There aren't things much greater than these two things.

Well it seems like everyone is returning to the great northwest! Congrats to Bryce and Philly This! I could really go for a philly about now and now that I like the other things you put on them I think they will be even better! Did I tell you that I ate lunch the other day and there were mushrooms in the food?! I ate all the mushrooms and I felt so proud! I didn't think they tasted super great but it was alright. I can't believe how fast I am growing up!

Well I love you all and miss you all as well! Thank you for all the support and everything you guys do for me. You mean everything to me! I am already looking forward to skyping you guys this mothers day!

Drink a slurpee for me! (I bet in this heat down here 7-11 would do well!)

Abraço! Cheiro!

(Cheiro means smell, and here they sniff you sometimes when they give you a hug, usually the women do it so luckily the only sniff's I have gotten are jokes from other missionaries)

Elder Smith 

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