"You live and you learn"

Date: Nov 26, 2012 6:26 AM

Holy smokes that's alot of food!

Wow I could hardly believe how much food you guys had there! And grandma and laurel's pies look delicious! I'm glad you guys had a good thanksgiving. There isn't thanksgiving here. I think the only reason I really remembered it was thanksgiving is because a guy in my ward who served in Provo reminded me that the day after would be black friday and then I remembered. But thanks for that thought dad, I never thought about that but it is so true. We often take alot for granted and I think if we had to go a day with just the things we thanked God for the day before it would be a pretty dificult day! Is that tree the tree that you guys chose? That's awesome! I like natural trees because they smell good. My favorite christmas tree was that real flock tree we bought one year.

Well sounds like some fun plans for the holidays aswell with Mark and all. That will be a packed house! I still remember that one christmas when all the cousins came to our house, good times!

Well this week went well. We have a new investigator, a young man, who went to seminary and to church this week. He actually has a friend in the church and has been going to church with her in a different ward but he is going to start coming to our ward now. He is really cool and already has a good understanding of the church. We are going to start teaching his whole family aswell. They are really awesome people and they said they would come visit church aswell with their son. I'm pretty excited!

We have a family we are teaching that isn't really progressing well. But this week we passed by there and showed a short video of the Book of Mormon and I think they rreally liked it. They asked some questions after and agreed to read a part that we marked. I am excited to see how it went and hoping that this sparked some excitement in them. 

I played piano for the primary program this week. It was realy fun and I got this little CTR heart afterwards that they gave out. It was pretty funny because when it came time to sing the primary song about Nephi (I forgot the name of the song in english) some of the kids were like, ''woohoo!'' and they were like yelling when they were singing. I was kind of chuckling and playing piano at the same time. Also I gained an appreciation for primary leaders. That is a hard calling.

This week I got a little sick. I had to take an anti-biotic. It was pretty funny because the anti-biotic that they gave me to take, I already had. It was a prescription that the traveling doctor gave to me before I left. But I learned something. I had been taking that pill when I felt a little sick, but just one at a time. Then when I really was told to use it I told the mission president's wife I only had like three. And then she explained to me that with anti-biotics you have to take them like as a course and not like ibuprofen that you take just when you need it. It was pretty funny. But you live and you learn I guess! Don't worry, I am feeling much better already!

Well this week we are going to really try and find some more new investigators. We are going to try and use some new ways aswell to find these people that the Lord is preparing to hear this message. I really believe that the Lord is preparing many and that we must be ready when we meet them so that we can testify and teach our message with power and authority. There is no greater news than the gospel, nothing greater we can give to these people. 

I love you and miss you all! I hope the holidays continue to be great for everyone. Keep me updated and thanks for all the pictures! Less than a month 'til Santa Clause comes! 

Tchau for now!

Elder Smith

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