Bizik Turns 20!!!

Date: Mon, Nov 5, 2012 at 6:13 AM

Hello Family!

Thanks for all the birthday letters and pictures. I really enjoyed it all. Sounds like things are going well back home. I can't believe Nat got braces! They make her look pretty old. Everyone seems to look so much older and I feel like I haven't really even changed! I voted today. It was really easy how they have it all set up and didn't even take much time. Thanks for helping me out with all that. I can't wait to hear how the elections go! Tell Jo Jo hi for me and that I'll have to keep representing the Backstein clan down here for a little longer without her.

Well this week was good. My new companion Elder Wanderson is a great guy. He is really energetic and likes to work. He walks really fast so I think I will be losing some weight this transfer. It has been getting hotter and hotter because the summer is just around the corner. It's hard to believe I have really only experienced winter here. I am a little scared to what the summer might bring! Yesterday during lunch I was sweating so much. I looked like those guys on the gatorade commercials. Except for my sweat wasn't actually gatorade and I am a little buffer than those guys. 

This weekend was also really good. One of our investigators finally was able to go 2 days without smoking! We were really happy and we will pass by there today to see how today went as well. He is already seeming to be alot more happy and it's cool to see the progress in his life. 

Yesterday, a less-active family also went to church who we have been visiting. There are really cool and invited us over for lunch today. It is awesome to see people making such great decisions to come back to church or to enter the church and also to see how the Gospel changes and improves lives. The brother of this less-active who came to church yesterday is also returning to church. He quit his job because it was messing with his family time and church time. He wants a calling, he wants to spend time with his church, and he wants to keep the commandments. It is cool how much trust he is putting in the Lord and he knows that as he keeps the commandments the Lord will bless him and his family. These people are real examples to me.

My pants ripped again this week. I bent over to put on my shoes and they just ripped down the middle. Luckily I was at home this time. I am getting pretty good at sewing though as I fix the little rips that I get from day to day use of my stuff.

Well I have been thinking alot this week about my efforts. If they are acceptable to the Lord. If we are doing our best with the area the Lord has given us to take care of. Also if Christ came now, if I would be ready. I haven't really gotten an answer to all of these questions but I do know that if Christ did come, I would be on the right path. It is great how we have the gospel in our lives to keep us on the path. Although no one is perfect and we all have lots to change in our lives still, we are in the right place to make these changes and to continually strive to do our best.

Well I love you all so much! Thanks for all the birthday letters and such. Mom my package arrived like two weeks ago but I won't get it until wednesday, it is waiting for me though! Thank you so much! 

I miss you all and hope that all continues to go well there. I am grateful to have such an awesome family!



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