"We contacted a Nolan on the street!"

        Date: December 3, 2012, 8:11:34 AM

Sounds like a great week! You guys will sure be busy during this holiday season! That's awesome Nat scored a goal! How much longer does her soccer season go? Branson sounds like a cool little town, I have never even heard of it before. Lucky laurel, I remember getting my tonsils out, I drank so many slurpees! Thanks for the quote Mom, it's cool to think that I am involved in this work full-time. Our mission president told us this week that the number of people getting on the church website to fill out mission papers was like 700 a week. After President Monson's announcement of the new age, there have been like 4000 a week! He said he is receiving a lot of reccomendations and that about March or April alot of missionaries will be arriving! I am pretty excited!

Well this week was really good. We had some great experiences with some of our investigators. Like everyweek there were of course many downsides, but I like to think about the good things!

During the week we contacted a Nolan on the street! He was in that crouching position that Nolan does when he plays with his toys. He told me he can sit like that for hours. It was pretty cool. When we talked to him he said he has actually been wanting to here more about the church and has been wanting to visit. He lives really close to the church. We returned this week to his house and shared the message of the Restoration with him. He really liked it and he showed up for church on sunday! He really liked church and asked us to pass by later in the week.

Another cool experience was another new investigator we taught this week. We found a cool family knocking doors on the street behind the chapel. They were a little iffy at first but after our second visit with them they started to loosen up and except our message better. We shared a message about families with them that was in the ensign and they really liked it. When we went back there saturday to teach them the Restoration, one of the kids said the opening prayer. My companion helped him say the prayer and after he said the prayer, I looked at the dad and I could see how happy he was to see his kid praying. It was such a cool moment and I felt that this was something the dad had been waiting for. To see his kids talking with our Heavenly Father. It was an awesome experience and we are hoping to see more progress with this family.

Well these are some of the highlights of the week. It's been kind of funny seeing some of the christmas decorations around here. I sometimes laugh because there are so few and it's super hot out. It just kind of looks like there are a few people that never take their christmas decorations down and they leave them up throughout the summer. It is pretty hard to think that it is actually the month of december. It's so hot!

We had a good training this week given by our mission president. He is really an inspired man and I love learning from his experience and knowledge. I learned alot about the Spirit and we had a chance to reflect on our progress and see how we can improve in our work and in our lives.

Well I hope you all have an awesome week. I love you and miss you guys! Have an awesome holiday season! I am grateful for this oppurtunity to serve. I learned alot this week about the Spirit. I think the greatest lesson I learned is that we need to be more than worthy to have the Spirit. We must also have a desire. Once we realize we really need him in our life and we really desire to have his guidance, we then begin to feel his presence and have his companionship with us.

Have an awesome week. Love you guys!

P.S. Hey mom I got my christmas package! Do I have to wait until christmas to open it?! I haven't opened it yet I promise!

P.S. Let me know when you guys get the package I sent!

P.S. Hey make sure skype gets all set up and worked out because it is coming up soon!

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