Bizik's Solo

Date: Tue, Mar 27, 2012

Hey Family!
Thanks for the letter mom, it is always nice to get updates from home! I hope you have an awesome time going to see baby Charlotte! So how do you spell it? You, Dad, and Mel have now spelled it three different ways! Natalie I'm way happy you got to go to the Temple and do baptisms, that's awesome! Also about your MRI, I probably have done about 4 or 5 of them in the last couple years and don't worry about it! At first you may think it is scary but just close your eyes and imagine you are in a space ship or something! You'll feel like your at disneyland! And the dye is weird I admit, but it feels cool. Trust me you will be okay! Hope the YW broadcast went well and Dad I hope your delegate meeting went good! I'll miss being with you at the Preisthood Session this week! We get to watch conference this weekend so I'm pretty pumped for that!
So this week has flown by! One funny thing that happened was I got a note asking me to see the Choir Director for like a men`s sextet. I thought oh ya I can do this if there are six of us. Well when I got there she started reading out the plan for the song and who was assigned to sing a solo for verse 2? Elder Smith! I was freaking out because I have never sang a solo in front of people in that kind of setting ever! So I asked if we could get a few guys to sing with me so it wasn't so bad and they agreed. About halfway through the run through of the song, the director stopped playing piano and realized she had summoned the wrong Elder Smith! So that was awesome and the whole situation has been resolved!
Some other fun things that have happened thus far, on the way to the temple last week we saw a barge being propelled by a CAT (like landscape machine) through the canal between the highway which was pretty cool. Also today I saw how they pick up trash, the truck kind of just drives and there are two workers running along side grabbing the bags and tossing them in, pretty cool! One night this week when we were studying outside (which is awesome here by the way, around 7 or 8 in the evening with the humid Brazil air and soft breeze, sitting next to a mango tree, hope I'm not making too many of you jealous!) there was like a street party going on. We could smell the BBQ and hear the music. The culture here is just way awesome!
Sunday was great. We had an awesome testimony meeting and it was just nice to see all the guys I have been with these past few weeks really share what they believe. I have to say thanks alot family for being so great (sarcastic tone), you pretty much made me cry while I was talking about you! And also Sunday night the President of the São Paulo North Mission came to speak. He was the first black member of the church to serve a mission! He had so much power and it was way inspiring.
This week I have learned many important things. One is don't judge others for doing things different or being different. We are all different and we have different strentghs and weaknesses. Be true to yourself and who you are. KorrUPted Crew sang it best when they said, ``It doesn`t take much just to be real, you don`t have to try hard just do what you feel``(for the whole song contact Bryce). We all have special talents and skills and God will use us in our own capacities to fulfill his work here on this Earth. I am learning more and more each day and the language is beginning to be easier and easier each day slowly! I know the Lord is helping me and will continue to help me as I strive do fulfill his work. I am so grateful to serve a mission and I am excited to help others! The Lord has given me so much and so I`m blessed for this chance to serve him with all my time and effort.
I love you and miss you so much family! Just two more weeks in the MTC! Thanks for all your support and being so awesome! I sent a few letters to you guys (Hanes, Hudsons, Laurel). I hope you get them soon! Tchau!
Elder Smith

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