Eu bailei

 Hello Everyone! 

 How is America? That is so awesome Andrea had her baby! Have her give Sharlet a big hug and kiss for me! She looks so cute, just like her uncle! If you could I would love for you to send me a hard copy picture of her in the mail and some pictures in general, I have more room in my photo album so maybe just as cool new things happen you could send me pictures! Thanks for your letter Nat, I got it like a week and two days after you sent it I think so that's pretty good! Letters here is like Christmas morning, everyone goes crazy for mail time. 

Ya my companion was on the same flight as me so you probably met his parents. Dad I see your picking up some portuguese? It's an awesome language! My portuguese is getting better and my english seems to be getting a little worse. But that is okay, I have the rest of my life to speak english. I am still far from being fluent but I am noticing improvement so that is good! I know if I will work hard and do my best the Lord will help me out. 

So this week a few funny things happened. One I got my haircut so now the Brazilians say I don't look like Joseph Smith anymore which is kind of a bummer. Also, I was trying to tell a Brazilian at lunch that I used to dance and I thought the verb to dance was bailar so I used like ''Eu bailei" because I thought that was good but it turns out the most common used verb to dance is dancar so I really said in very broken portuguese I used to do ballet. So i'm not sure if he could understand that I meant I used to dance or did ballet but whatever. 

The weeks are starting to fly by here! I leave here in like three weeks so my CTM time is half up! I am enjoying it well but I am excited to get out in the feild and work with some real investigators! I love missionary work and I don't think there is any better place for me right now in my life than here. 

Alright Dad, I picked a scripture for the plaque. It's Alma 26:11. I'm pretty sure that's the one, it should start out something like, ''I know I am nothing without the Lord...''. And tell Nat I wrote her back so she should be getting a letter soon! 

Well I hope everything is going great! I miss you all so much! I am going to finish off my P-Day around town getting some soap and some cookies and other goodies. Someone told us about a place that sells chocolate croissants so I will definitely be looking for those aswell. Time is going by quickly here and I know I will be in the feild sooner than I know it. Thanks for all your support and love! I'm am so lucky to have the family I have, you guys are awesome and I am indeed grateful for you all! Tell everyone hi for me and hug and kiss the sobrinhas e sobrinho! Tell Nolan I feel for him, languages are tough! 

I will send more pictures as soon as I get them developed or get into the feild, I haven't taken many yet but there are a few I can send you. 

I miss you all very much and love you! I am so grateful to be serving here on a mission and to devote my time for two years to the Lord. I owe him so much more but I know serving a mission is what he wants for me. Thank you family for your wonderful examples to me. They have helped me so much in life and also here on the Mish! 

 Tchau! I hope your week goes great! 


 Elder Isaac Smith 

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