Date: Tue, Apr 3, 2012 

Thanks Dad!
Ya Brasil is a cool place! That's crazy everyone is out of town, how are you keeping up? How is Charlotte doing? Is Laurel coming home for the Summer?

Conference was great here. They packed a bunch of us North Americans into a room and we got to watch it in English. I can't even choose a favorite talk, I thought they were all so good! It seems they were focusing alot on families which is great! I could really tell how important families are to the Lord. I am so blessed to have such an awesome family and parents! I think back on the most common advice I got before leaving. The three things I was told alot were be perfectly obedient, love the people and the Lord, and work hard! I am grateful for the examples my family is to me. Dad, although you and my mom carry both love and hard work, I think from you I have definitely learned the value of hard work. And from Mom, lots of love for people! I couldn't ask for a better combination. And everyone else in our family is awesome too, but time will limit such expounding!

Well I leave next Tuesday for the feild! My language is definitely not up to par but I know it will all work out! I was talking to some South Americans at a meal the other day and I felt pretty good. The only problem is there are alot of different accents and speed of speech, so it really justs depends on who I am talking to at the moment. I have met alot of people going to Maceió, I tell them all to look for my cousin Sister Johnson! Could you find out her address for me? I really want to write here! And mail goes pretty fast here in Brasil I heard so it will be nice to get a reply sooner than like 3 weeks!

So what did you do at the convention Dad? I feel very detached from the world down here, I think it will begin to come back a little more by next week! What's new? How is America? I think it is beginning to sink in more that I am actually in a foreign country. We proselide next Monday so that will be awesome, the real test of what I have learned thus far!

Last week we went to lunch on our P-Day at a joint called ''Churraskaria'' (Sp?). It is so good! They have all you can eat meat which includes chicken, steak, and some other stuff... I stick with the chicken and steak! Also they have rice and beans and fruit and veggies all you can eat. Anyway it's only 14 reais! That doesn't include drink but still.. and the food is awesome. We are going there again today with our instructor (Irmão Leo). Last week we went with Irmão Vander (our other instructor).

Well thanks for the e-mail! Hearing from people is seriously so nice! I never realized it could be but that was because I guess I always took it for granted! I miss you all very much! Another awesome thing I learned from conference this week is not judging others. I love the bumper sticker President Utchdorf quoted that said, ''Don't judge me because I sin differently than you''. We are all children of God and we all have perfections. We cannot judge unrighteously. If we always have the Spirit with us, and follow the promptings we receive, we will be lead on the path back to our Heavenly Father. I am beginning to see more about just how clear the Gospel really is! It's amazing that something so simple can have so much power in our lives. I know this Gospel is true and my conviction continues to grow.

I love you all! and Miss you! Please send pictures when you get the chance! I will start sending some when I can as well, and when I take a few.. I haven't taken many yet!

How is Grandma? How is everything going with her? I will write her today so tell her to be watching for a letter!
Thanks for all the support! I pray for you all everyday!

Elder Smith

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