Finally Here in the Real World of Brasil!

Hey Family! 

Thanks for the letter Mom, it is so nice to hear from you all! It has been crazy getting here to my area, I left yesterday morning and had two plane rides, then we met the Mission President and His wife and had an orientation thing at the chapel. Then we went to the Presdient's apartment and had dinner and açai and a brief testimony meeting and took some pictures. I slept over at the AP's apartment with some other missionaries and we left this morning on a bus to Natal, that's the name of the city! My area is called Nova Republica and my trainer's name is Elder Jensen. He is from draper Utah and he's an awesome guy, everyone keeps telling, me how lucky I am. We live with two other missionaries, one is American and the other Brazilian. The American's name is Elder Stutz and he is from Puyallup. I guess he knows Jo Jo and I think he knows Uncle Al aswell. 

So I am finally here in the real world of Brasil! I definitely feel like I am in a different country now. So much Portuguese. It doesn't feel so much like a movie set like it did before when I would walk around the CTM in São Paulo. I don't know much about my area because all I've done so far is arrive, eat lunch, unpack a little, went to a store and came here to e-mail. Today is our P-day but I think the rest of the day I will unpack more, meet the bishop and maybe some other people in the ward, and go tracting. It is crazy to believe it is finally  starting. I will be able to tell you more about the area next week. 

Sounds like everything is going great! I'm sad I missed Easter! Some of the wifes of the branch presidency's at the CTM made us cupcakes so that was pretty awesome. My district leader also made some paper eggs with candy and we did a little Easter egg hunt sunday night. I missed all you alot though! 

We went Proseliding monday in downtown São Paulo! It was way fun, at first I was hesitant to open my mouth and also to bring up religion, but I was able to do both and after a whille I was really enjoying it! Alot of the people we talked to were very open and willing to listen to us. Since we aren't the actual missionaries in the area we just gave them a Book of Mormon with the number for the missionaries there. I hope they call! It feels so cool to share your beleifs with others. It is hard sometimes for me to just randomly talk to people father than oi or boa tarde, but I know if they accept this message it will bless their lives so much as it has mine. And that part of my testimony helps me to share what I know! 

Well I love you! I hope to have some more stories to share with you next week! I will let you know how my first week in my first area goes! I am excited and ready to start getting in the swing of things. It will be nice! I love you all and miss you so much! Please send pictures when you can! You are the best!

Love, Elder Smith

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