D&C 107:99-100

Date: Mon, Jun 10, 2013 at 7:05 AM

Thanks for the videos dad! It is cool seeing you all in action. After so much time away from home sometimes I really do feel like I forgot how everything was! I feel like I was born a missionary and that all my life before was just a dream!
This last week went well. We had a zone conference which was really awesome. It was the last zone conference we will have with President Hall and maybe even the last time I will see him! He has been an awesome mission President and I know that everyone will miss him. But we are excited to recieve our new president and make him feel welcome to the Brasil João Pessoa mission! Next week we have the last transfers before the mission splits so I will know whether I will continue to be in the Brasil João Pessoa mission or the Brasil Natal mission. The new mission presidents will get here at the end of the month. Things are changing a whole lot but it is excited and a great experience for us all.
This last week we were teaching a part-member family. The wife is a member but her husband is not and the have a kid as well. We went there and talked about the plan of salvation and families with them. We talked about the temple and the importance of being sealed with our families so that we can be together forever. The Spirit was really strong. We usually invite the man of the house to offer a prayer or choose who will say the prayer. Usually, he is pretty shy and doesn't want to say it, but this time I asked him to choose someone and he said ''I'll say it''. I really was not expecting that! It was really awesome. He gave a great prayer and I felt very happy. I really hope he chooses to be baptized and that this family can be sealed in the temple. That would be amazing.
Also, there is a family we have been teaching for about 3 weeks. They were having trouble going to church, but finally two of their daughters went with a member. They were really the only ones with adesire to progress so we invited them to be baptized this last sunday. During the week we went there and followed-up like normal. But thursday we went there and We asked one of their daughters if she had been drinking coffee and she said no! And that she wanted to get baptized sunday. It was so awesome. We taught the whole family together and the Spirit was very strong. Because of the example of this girl it seemed like the whole family got a little more excited. She was baptized yesterday and I hope through her exmaple the family will start to progress better and see how great the gospel really is.
Well I hope all is well back at home. I love you all and miss you lots! You guys mean everything to me!
Our mission president talked about christlike atributes this last week and I was studying diligence today. I love this scripture D and C 107:99-100
Elder Smith

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