"I am really loving the people more every day"

Date: Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 7:45 AM

Hey Family!

That's so cool to hear about the mission calls! Although I am still waiting for someone to get called to my mission! Speaking of missions, my mission is going to divide! In July we will be turning our mission that covers Paraiba and Rio Grande do Norte and we will be having a mission for each state! The work is growing very well! I am pretty excited and it will be cool to see how everything turns out. Tell all these new missionaries I am very proud of the and I wish the best for them! I am way excited for Tyler. It's funny becuase we didn't hang out much in High School but he became like one of my best friends at college. He will be an awesome missionary. Kadyn, Mary, Mary, and Johanna will be awesome too. I am so excited for them all! I bet Kadyn is getting pretty excited to get back to the Mother Land!

Well this week was pretty exciting. I went to pick up my son! (When you train a new missionary they call him your son) It was a fun experience and I really am learning alot. On tuesday I got up early and got on a bus to João Pessoa. There, we had some trainings and got our new companions. There was also a dinner and testimony meeting at our presidents house. And also we ate Açaí! I felt kind of bad because I ate more than everyone else, but it was free and so good! My new companion is from Chile and his name is Elder Cabrera. He is very humble and has a great testimony. I am excited to be working with him. The first time I saw him when all the new missionaries got to the church I felt like he would be my companion. It was a pretty cool experience. 

Looks like some fun Valentine's decorating. I totally forgot about Valentines Day, It didn't even cross my mind when it had come! I think they do have a valentine's type of day here but it is during a different time of the year. 

I learned alot with my other companion Elder G. Macedo. We had a short transfer so we only stayed together 4 weeks but it was some of the best 4 weeks because I learned so much. We have two new missionaries now here in our district so it is a good change. We are looking forward with a good number of positive investigators these next upcoming transfers.

I am really loving the people more every day. My companion, the members, investigators... everyone! I am loving more the culture and the language as well. I don't really like speaking english now. And To be honest I don't know how well it is. On tuesday, our mission president's sister was here and his mother-in-law as well. They don't speak english and so during our testimnoy meeting I translated for my mission presidents wife. It was pretty hard! Not that I didn't understand the portuguese well, but i sometimes just got tripped up on the english words. I am pretty sure sometimes I may not have even made sense. But she told me it was great and that I did wonderful. It was my first time really translating a meeting of some sort and so it was a good experience. I like translating though. I hope I can find a way to use my portuguese through my life.

Well have a great week! I am glad you guys are all well! I love you and miss you guys very much.

I have been thinking lately about the Holy Ghost and have been desiring to be closer to Him. It is so cool to feel a spiritual feeling and act on it. I know and I have learned that we can receive the Holy Ghost if we are worthy and willing to do God's will. We must strive to listen to his words. There isn't much better than feeling the Holy Ghost.

Thanks for all the support you guys give me. You are the best family in the world! I hope one day to be able to raise a family like Mom and Dad did. You guys mean the world to me!


Elder Smithhhhhhhhhhh (The sounds brazilians make when they try to pronounce my name in english, they make this sound while sticking there tongue out because it is a hard sound for them)

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