"As I put my trust in the Lord and try my best, things seem to always work out. "

Date: Mon, Feb 11, 2013 at 6:46 AM

Hey Family!

That is so exciting to hear about all those people going on missions! I get so excited for them all! Sounds like almost all my friends will be gone when I get back but I am way excited for them. I am hoping at least one gets called to Brasil Joao Pessoa! That would be great! Tell Nat congratulations for the winning free throw points! I used to have dreams about doing something like that. She should definitely keep playing, it never hurts to keep practicing. She will be able to play basketball for the rest of her life. I too think she is an awesome player! Tell her to remember that Micheal Jordan didn't make the team his first year in high school as well. Maybe that will help her out!

Well this week was super busy as well  We have been working with quite a few people who are progressing well. I am pretty excited for them and I hope we can continue to help them in their progress. I love seeing people accepting commitments and fulfilling them. 

This sunday I was called on last minute to teach gospel principles and then called on last minute again to give a talk in the sacrament meeting of the group in Belém. It was a little nerve wracking but it turned out alright. Heavenly Father really helped me!

Yesterday our branch president gave a talk and he spoke on some pretty interesting topics that have really made me think. He talked about how when someone gets hurt or is in physical danger, people will drop everything to try and save that person. But when people are spritually injured or in spiritual danger, we don't act as fastly or with as much urgency. I really have been thinking about that lately and thinking about how when people are spiritually injured, the consequences are much worse. We should be equally or more concerned with helping people who are in spiritual danger than with physical danger.

I am learning alot in this area. It is much different than other areas in my mission and I am seeing new challenges every day. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the responsibility I have but As I put my trust in the Lord and try my best, things seem to always work out. 

Thanks for all your support! Congratulate all these awesome people getting ready to serve missions! I am very excited for them all! I get so happy when people tell me they are thinking of serving a mission or have already put their papers in. It is pretty excited the work that is going on. I know this work is the work of our Heavenly Father. 

Thanks for Camerons letter. It is really nice hearing about his mission as well. We write each other but it is cool to see what is happening now.

Well have a great week! I love you all and miss you! Tell everyone hi for me!


Elder Smith

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