"The Holy Ghost"

Date: Mon, Feb 25, 2013 at 6:32 AM

Another week gone by so fast!
Thanks for getting that letter of to Tyler. I am pretty excited for him. That's cool Nicole is in Sister Gentry's ward. She is a great missionary! I really liked the story you wrote about the Holy Ghost. I really think we must always have the Holy Ghost with us.
Speaking of the Holy Ghost, at church yesterday I was asked to teach Gospel Principles again and it was on the Holy Ghost. It was fun teaching people about the Holy Ghost and hearing their opinions on why we need the Holy Ghost and how we can have him with us. Last night, we were lacking a little on some of our goals. We got back from church at the group in Belém around 7 o'clock. I thought to myself it would be impossible to fulfill the goals we had. I prayed to know what we could do to be able to fulfill our goals that night. Soon after, I told my companion we needed to change the plans we had already set for the day. And that we would go to a member's house to teach her sister-in-law who lived close by with the members. When we got to the members house, I felt that we should ask their son if he could visit some investigators with us. He accepted (after a little sweet talk on my hand) and we set out to visit a young man we are teaching. After teaching him, we started to do some contacts on the same street. As we were about to leave the street, I felt we should stay on that same street and when we walked bya certain house I felt we should talk to the family their. My companion later told me he felt that we should have talked with this family as well. We clapped outside and they gladly let us in. They were a great family, very unified and very humble. We ended up reaching our goals we were striving for and I really felt the Spirit had guided us last night. It was a cool feeling. I am excited to revisit some of the families we talked to.
That's pretty awesome you guys went to seaside! I used to love going there with everyone.  A little sad that not too many people were there but I'm sure it was still fun. I remember one night I stayed up super late with Cort playing pools with other people. We told them loser pays and we got a few free games that way. I also remember the dance-off we had one year. Good times! Speaking of dancing there was a little kind of chubby kids on the street the other day dancing like Micheal Jackson. It was so awesome. I almost asked him if I could film it but then I thought maybe not. But I am kinding wishing I would have.
This week was pretty busy but I am still enjoying our area. We are going to strat and do some more activities to try and use our chapel to it's full capacity. Sadly, there aren't many activities during the week. But we have made some plans and we will see how it all goes. This worked really well in Geisel and the ward really started growing quite quickly both in numbers and in sprirtuality.
A couple funny stories, Yesterday our ward mission leader asked me to fill up the baptismal font because he was a little busy. So I turned on the water before the sacrament meeting started and just left it. I thought maybe there was a hole that let water out if it got too full. But there wasn't. And I really just forgot about it! Then I saw our ward mission leader rush out of the sacrament meeting after a young man whispered something to him. I then realized what it probably was. After helping out with the musical number, Me and my companion went to go check and the bathrooms had flooded with water because I left the wtaer on! I felt so dumb. Luckily it was just in the bathrooms and we got it cleaned up pretty quick.
Also in the group in the afternoon, the president had asked me to lead the music, but without warning he switched it up and I it was kind of hard to hear when he announced who would pray and lead. So I just got up there to lead the music and a member kind of looked at me funny and then I asked the president who would lead and he said Miguel. I walked back to my seat a little embarrased but luckily no one said anything about it!
Well I am glad all is well back home. I pray for you all everyday. I love you and miss you guys! You are the best family in the world. Thanks for all the letters and emails. I really appreciate them.
Elder Smith
P.S. Mom if you haven't sent the box yet can you put in a frisbee? One of those good thick kinds? If it doesn't work out don't worry about it!

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