"what color are our sins?"

Date: Mon, Sep 10, 2012 at 6:27 AM

Hey Family!

This week has gone by so fast, actually this whole transfer has gone by fast. This week is our last and then we have transfers next wednesday. I can't wait to see the pictures of the new rooms, are Andrea and Abe still living there? That will be way fun to have grandma there, I always wanted grandma to live with us! And Nat started Junior High, crazy. I bet it is a huge change for her but she will get used to it soon and begin to love it. That's cool that she is united with her Narrowsview friends now. 

This friday at our ward activity that we did we did a movie night and played 17 miracles. It was cool because we set up a projector in the church parking lot and everyone sat outside. It was a really fun night. This week will be a game night (minute to win it games). I am pretty excited for that. I still remember when we did this at our Smith family reunion and I remember watching Dad try to slide the oreo down his face and into his mouth without hands. 

Our bishop told a cool story I wanted to share with you guys. It was after a baptism on his mission and there was a little kid looking into the baptismal font. The kid then asked the bishop, what color are our sins? The bishop quite puzzled asked for clarification. The kid explained that in primary the teacher said that when we are baptized our sins stay in the water and we come out a new person. I thought this story was pretty funny. Baptism is so great and is such an important step in our lives. We should all be like this kid and remember that through baptism, or through taking the sacrament weekly, we can be clean from our sins. I believe this kid understood better than most people that baptism cleans us, even though he was a little confused on if sin has color or not!

We have some great people right now to teach and our ward is getting pretty excited to do missionary work. The people here really know how to love others. I have learned that no one is prefect, but we can still love each other in spite of our differences. There is a brother in the ward who always gives me a big hug. Him and his wife are very awesome and treat us like their children. But don't worry Mom and Dad, I will always be your favorite son and you will always be my favorite parents!

Well I hope you all have an awesome week. I love you all and hope that everything goes well. Sounds like there are a lot of things going on there! Tell Grandma hi and that I hope she likes the new place. 

Tudo na paz,

Elder Smith

P.S. Birthday box!? Sweet! Well actually I would like things I can give to some people, like little hymnals in english, or church movies, or ties. I don't really need much. I might need some new white shirts. Mine are pretty stained but I will try hard this week and see if I can't scrub out the stains. I have tried a few methods but nothing seems to get them too well. Other than that, just whatever! Remember that whoever wants to send a package should label well whats inside. You don't have to be too specific but let them know what's in there because if they suspect that there is more than you labeled they charge. Also if you try to send electronics make sure to label they are in there and don't try to sneak anything becuase if you don't label they are in there or try to sneak and they find out they charge alot I think. The people there at the mail place should be able to help. I just say this because the last package I had to pay. Ask around maybe Danny's mom or Brady or Quinn's mom have some good suggestions! Thanks mom!

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