"miracles are happening here in Brasil"

Mon, Jul 30, 2012 at 7:27 AM

Wow it seems like every week ten new things have changed at home! Way exciting though, I'm happy for Tony, it will be way cool to hear his stories. 

Well the remodeling has finally begun? You will have to send some pictures when it's done. So what's all being done right now? When does grandma move in? How long will Andrea and Abe live with you? I remember that other summer when they both had internships and lived with us, it was awesome. The family just never seems to leave that place! I know I will want to live close by too so I don't blame them! Girl's camp sounds great, too bad Nat got sick! Laurel sent me some good pictures though.That's awesmoe about Kimmy aswell! Tell her congrats for me!

Well this week went well. I learned a lot about the role of the Spirit in our lives and in our teaching. Uncle Russ sent me a great article about the Spirit and it helped me alot. It referenced the parable of the ten virgins and how the ones that were pprepared were wise because they had taken the Holy Spirit as their guide. We must do the same in our lives if we wish to be the people God wants us to be. It is way dificult to recognize the Spirit but I know that as we live worthily and do what feels to be right and follow the promptings when we recognize them, we will be blessed and will become who Heavenly Father wants us to be. 

At church yesterday we had an investigator who is pretty awesome. During the week we were walking to an appointment and took a route we usually don't take. On the way we saw this investigator who we haven't seen in a while, and he asked if we could come by sunday. We asked what time, and he said, the hour you pick people up for church! He had alot of questions and actually told my companion during sacrament meeting that he felt something different. I know that he knows the Gospel is true, he just has doubts of converting because his family is verycatholic. We are going to take Marcello there today because Marcelo had alot of trouble with his family and I think could really help this investigator (his name is Reinaldo),

We also had some less-actives at church today that we had visited this week. One being a couple who isless-active because I think they feel weird at church because they are not married. In our visit with them, we asked if they had a desire to get married, they said yes. We asked when, they said like december or january. We talked about how we shouldn't wait to recieve blessings. We helped them set a date sooner to get things started for the marraige. The 13th of August they are going to the place to get things started! It's different here and they have to wait a little, but I was so excited when they agreed on it I couldn't stop smiling. And then they came to church and it put the cherry on the cake!

Well miracles are happening here in Brasil. We can either choose to be weighed down by the hard things and sad things that happen, or we can try our best to help good things happen! I am certain the second option is better and will help the world always become a better place!

I love you all, thanks for all your support and prayers and everything. You guys are awesome! I miss you all! My next email will be next wednesday because we have transfers. 

Oh hey Mom can you send me that black bean soup recipe that grandma has that I made that one time?

-Elder Smeech

P.S. Yes the package is at the mission office and I will be getting it wednesday. I had to pay to pick it up. Can you guys check my account and let me know how much I have in there because sometimes I have to take money out.

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