"Always something new here in Brasil!"

Aug 13, 2012 at 8:41 AM

Dear family,

Howdy! Sounds like the reunion was awesome! Too bad Jake and Abe couldn't go, but it's okay, I know how it feels! But don't worry I know my mission is very important and so I don't feel too sad. I like hearing about everything though. Send me some pictures of the house! I want to see the progress! Not even six months and already so much has changed!

Well this was my first half week in my new area! It's cool, I feel like I already know these people, there already feel like a family to me! There are some great people in the ward. Including one young man named Marcello, he did some visits with us and fell asleep during a lesson, then after he really wanted ice cream so we got him some ice cream and he helped us out for a while. He is great though and has a strong testimony and loves the church.

I had to re-learn how to use the bathroom again. When I got to my new house there was even toilet paper! Just a sprayer thing like we have on our kitchen sink. I asked my companion where the toilet paper was and he said you use that sprayer and then a towel. Or you can just take a shower! Well We did buy some toilet paper this week and so I think we will begin this mode or at least some of us. Always something new here in Brasil!

We have some really great investigators right now. One being a relief society lady who didn't smoke yesterday! She had been smoking for awhile and then went down to two yesterday and now zero! We will work with her more this week and hopefully she can be baptized! Her sister is baptized and her neice has been attending church alot! Just that her mom wants to see her baptism. We have some other great investigators aswell and I am excited to help them out.

We are going to be doing an activity this Friday and hopefully every friday after aswell. There are not many activities here so this will help unite the ward and give members something to do and to bring their friends to. Also we are starting an english class. I hear lots of stories about converts who found the church through an English Class. I am really hoping to help this ward grow in number and quality! 

Well I love you all and I miss you all aswell! Thanks for all your support over the years and now while I am on my mission. I know this work is important and I know the Gospel is the greatest thing! When we live the Gospel and help others live the Gospel, we see the love of our Heavenly Father and the greatness of the Plan of Salvation. 

See ya later!

Elder Isaac Theodore Smith

P.S. Tell Russ I got the 5 dollars and thanks very much!
P.S.S. Can you get me a pancake recipe? A member gave me some maple syrup (homemade, it's a little different than I am used to but what's new?) so I want to use it!
P.S.S.S. My hair was pretty long and so everyone at church was calling me Joseph Smith just like at the CTM!

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