"we have been making brownies almost twice a day"

Date: Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 11:26 AM


That's a sweet story about the lady at the park Mom! I bet you are missing your little boy! Sounds like a crazy week at home with all the young little ones. Congratulations Mom! I remember my senior year when we would do homework at the same time. So is this it? Or will you pursue more schooling? Tell Nat I feel sorry for her and her loss of friends, but she will be going to big CJHS next year and will join will all the narrowsview nerds. Sounds like the open house for Bryndi will be great too.

So yesterday we went to walk with an investigator to church. When we got there we saw that he had a car and so instead he drove and we picked up another recent convert. It was so scary! Everyone in Brasil drives like they are an hour late to everything. And to make it better, we got encountered a motorcycle going very slow with a man holding a rope with a horse attached to it. So great! Well it made it safely and were able to do a church tour before with the extra time. 

We started a new program this week called Resgate. We now have a list of every member in the ward and we are going to go around to all the in-actives and try to reactivate them and also try to find other people to teach. We have about 620 members in the ward and usually about 70 people in Sacrament on average. I think that we have like 105 or so ''active'' members. Also we will be able to see if alot of these people even still live here. It will really help us get a more real number of the attendance percentage at church. I am hoping that maybe if we can find members with more family who haven't been baptized we can help reactive them and bring their family or friends into the church. People will be much more likey to come everyweek when they have friends or family or both in the Church. Also we will always have someone to go visit if an appointment falls through. I am pretty excited for the new program. We will still do alot of what we already do already but this will be an extra thing to help out the work. 

Well we have been making brownies almost twice a day since last P-Day. We were able to find all the ingredients and there are just so easy to make and so addicting. We made an awesome pizza today (check photo) too. 

Well things are going well, we have transfers next Wednesday so I won't be able to email until then. My training ends this transfer so after I will be just a normal missionary! Not sure if I will be transfered or get a new companion or what. We don't know until the night before at like 10 o'clock! But I feel like there will be some changes.

Well I love you all very much! I hope all is well at home and I am excited for grandma to move in! You'll have to send pictures when the remodeling or rearranging is complete. Have a great week and thanks for everything! I have the best family in the world! I talked about you all when I was teaching about eternal families, probably one of the easiest parts and of my favorite parts of the Gospel for me to talk about is families! Miss you!

Elder Isaac Theodore Smith

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