"A couple funny things that happened this week..."

Date: Jun 25, 2012 at 3:24 AM 

What a weekend! Sounds like a lot of good stuff happened! 

All that food at the party sounds pretty awesome right now! Also that sounds like an awesome event! I wish I could have been there! I loved all the youth activities that we had, and olympics sounds like an awesome theme! Sounds like alot of planning though, I'm sure the youth loved it. Dad keep that flag for me!  

Well transfers were today! I am staying in my same area but I received a new companion, Elder Paiva. He is from Porto Alegre (down south) and very great! We haven't had much time to talk and no time to work together or teach together but I am still pretty excited to get going and all! We have alot of great things going on, alot of great new investigators and a new plan to work well with the ward in place. There is alot of work to do. Elder Paiva was in this same area his first transfer on the mission so he already knows alot of the ward! 

A couple funny things that happened this week I saw a kid just pull down his pants and pee in the middle of the road and my companion burned our pan because he forgot to put water under the cuscuz. Good stuff. This week we had some miracles too though.  

One day we went out to work and not much was happening. My companion remembered something our district leader told us about praying specifically for what we needed that day. We then went home quick to pray and pray specifically to meet our goals and to really show we wanted some sucess that day. Well that day we worked very hard and miracles happened. We met all our goals. We remebered this power that came through prayer throughout the week and we had the best week we have ever had I believe. So cool. 

Also some other cool things, Marcello's family at first was a little hesitant and kind of against him joining the church. Saying he didn't need to be baptized again and stuff, but he overcame and is being very strong. His mom is starting to sit in on lessons with us and I think they're hearts are changing. His mom even said that she might come to an activity this weekend! Also a less-active who hadn't been to church for awhile came sunday. We went to her house yesterday to talk to her more and she said she has been wanting to return and she saw us on the street but we were too far away so she didn't say anything. But she went to church by herself sunday, she said she almost turned around and went home a few times because she was so nervous. But she came, and now she has asked us to teach her again and we gave her another Book of Mormon and she has a great desire to return to church, very awesome. I am hoping we can baptize her husband too, it would be so great for them! 
\We have been visiting many inactives as part of this new program. One sad thing I have realized, is that there are people who still have a testimony of the church. We asked them do you still believe it's true? Do you believe it is the way? And some say yes. They just need friends and support. I really would like to help these people. One of them said she would go to an activity this weekend and so I'm excited for that.  

This week there was a funeral for a baby of an investigator of the Elders that live with us. Here things are very different, she passed away in the morning, had the service in the afternoon, and burial at night. It was very sad and I am not exactly sure why it is that way here. I am thinking they don't embalm maybe or didn't have the money to keep the body for awhile? I am not exactly sure. My companion played the violin and the bishop spoke and it was a nice service. Short, but nice. They are a very young couple and I hope that the dad will return to church and the wife will get baptized and they can enjoy the blessings of the gospel here and after. 

The activity we are having this weekend is for São João. A crazy holiday, all I really understand is that people make huge fires in the middle of the road and eat alot of corn. I'm sure there is more significance but I don't really know it yet! But I am excited for a Brazilian party this weekend with our stake!  

Well I love you and miss you all very much! Thanks for everything you all do for me! I talk about my family alot because you all are a great inspiration for me everyday to be the best missionary I can be.  

Your favoritest son in the World, 

Elder Isaac Theodore Smith 

 P.S. Can you send that picture of Dave and Bryndi again? It didn't really work well. 

P.S.S. It has been raining and I keep using my umbrella I bought as a wand like Hagrid! 

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