Date: Jul 9, 2012 7:16 AM

Tudo bem!

Glad you got the letter dad, and thanks for the pictures! I want to have some pictures to show investigators a little about baptism! That is a pretty awesome story abou Beau too, I remember Beau always used to have good stories. And pretty funny about the Del Toro's saying ''what would Isaac do?'' I definitley didn't deserve that but I'll take the compliment!  

Elder Paiva is from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sol. It is in the South of Brasil. And yes I am definitely learning more about my faults and strengths and I am improving with my language! I am seeing a new side of the culure here too and I am undersanding the culture a little better as well!

Well funny story time. We had a lunch appointment fall this week and the Sister gave us money to buy a quentinha (rice, beans, meats, pasta, veggies). When it came to selecting the meat I just chose what looked good and what I saw someone else get. My companion didn't order anyhing because he said he didn't like those meats. But I thought I had already tried most of them so I thought I was safe. Well long story short, the first bite was very gross. And I asked my companion what it was and he said ''sangue'' (blood). Well we looked it up and I guess it was actually liver. Yuckk!!!! But still I think it was basically blood. Oh well! A good experience, you live and you learn!

Well this week was pretty good. There was a soccer game on the fourth of July. So in turn, I recieved more of a war-type firework show this year with people yelling and honking after the game ended. The whole town erupted! Soccer is huge here!

Well our program that we are doing with less-actives is going well. We had a few less-actives at church sunday, one of them a guy we are teaching again who was a counselor in the young men's, it was great to see him there! We are also teaching another less-active named Darilo. His wife and two sons are very active, one son is getting sealed in December. We are helping him return with a goal to have their whole family sealed in the temple the same day! It is really cool and he has a desire to change. His wife is awesome, and she really wants this too!

Well we are working to strenghen our ward here alot. Whether it be through baptisms, helping less-actives return, or even just strengthening the active members. We are having a ward family night thursday and I am pretty excited for that! There is a lot of work to do, and I am glad to be a part of it!

Well I love you all! I hope you have an awesome week! I am realizing that when I feel most tired, that is the time when I feel the most Spirit and support of the Lord. He really is helping us here in this great work. Thanks for everything!

Tchau for now!

Your favorite son,

Elder Smith!

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  1. I will cut and paste this post of Elder Smith's to a dearelder letter for Elder Johnson. He will be happy to hear about his best friend. Elder Johnson has 6 more weeks in the MTC, before going to Panama.