Headed to Brazil!

Isaac flew into Brazil today (Tuesday the 6th) and was able to talk with my mom during a layover in Georgia.
Here is the e-mail he sent just before he left...


Tudo bem? Well this will be my first and last week at the Provo MTC, I leave for Brasil tomorrow morning at around 11 AM and I have a layover in Georgia, Mom and Dad and Nat you should be home when I get there so I can give you a call! The MTC has been great, the first day we did some orientation and check in and then started our classes, in Portuguese! My companions name is Elder Kaden Bond, he is a great guy and we work well together! My teacher is Irma Jacobs, she is brazilian and has been here for only 10 months I think. She doesn't speak much english to us but it helps learning the language very quickly! The elders in my district are great, one of them really reminds me of Chad our cousin (his humor and laugh) and another reminds me of Zac Efron. I have pictures to send but it won't let me attach them so I will send them when I can!

We taught our first lesson in all portuguese Friday evening! We also had a follow up saturday and they both went pretty well considering the amount of portuguese training we have received. We also have another lesson tonight. Our schedule isn't so much class after class but rather we spend 3-5 hours a day with teachers and the rest is personal study. You really have to be willing to work and be self-motivated. I am already starting to better understand the miracles of missionary work and am beginning to see a greater purpose to teach others than I had perviously experienced. 

 I had my first dream in portuguese friday night! It wasn't anything crazy but it was pretty cool. I am starting to think in portuguese already aswell, only a few words though. On sunday we had an awesome mission conference, our MTC President gave a talk on the Atonement and it was really great! Sunday night Alex Boye came and spoke at a fireside and it was amazing. At first he was telling his conversion story and it was like Sunday Night Live, he was hilarious! But he took sometime and spoke about how great of purpose we have as missionaries and the power we can have if we remain optimistic. He told us that we become what we think we are in many cases. Afterwards we sang Called to Serve with all the missionaries and that was a little icing on the cake! (Sorry if that was cheesy, but a wise man, Bryce Woodhouse, once told me, every cracker needs a little cheese!) 

I am very excited to be here and I know this is where I should be. I don't know exactly how to explain but I know the mission will be awesome and I am so grateful for the oppurtunity to serve. It has already been an awesome time and I know there is much more ahead! If we could get everyone to post there addresses on the blog and send them to me that would be awesome! I didn't bring any with me! Well next time this week I will be in Brasil, but we will keep in touch! Hope to talk to you family tomorrow, I hope everyone is doing awesome! I love you and miss you all so much! 

 P.S. Grandma, thanks for the awesome highlighters! The elders in my district are very jealous!

Eu sei que este e o trabalho da Deus.

Can't wait to here from you soon! 

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