"I learned alot this weekend at conference"

Mon, Oct 8, 2012

Happy October Family, 

Sounds like everything is going pretty well. Exciting about Mike's new job and the new houses. Everything always seems to change so fast when you only get updates every once in awhile. Conference weekend was awesome. I got to watch all of the saturday sessions in english but sunday I watched in portuguese. Conference was a good refresher! I love hearing the apostles and prophets. I gain a stronger testimony of their divine callings everytime I hear them speak. And way to go Romney! Hey did Dad figure out a way for me to vote? 

There were alot of events that went on this week. The week flew by way fast. It seems like time is going faster and faster. We found a really cool new investigator this week. He has a wife and a kid too. He recently moved here from São Paulo and knows a few people in the church. He is really liking the Book of Mormon and came to conference yesterday aswell. We will try to find him and his wife at the same time at home so we can teach them both. 

Yesterday, we were a little sad because we had called investigator, visited investigators, and it seemed that no one would make it to conference. I started a little fast yesterday with a purpose to try to have investigators at conference. When the second session had started, no one had showed. After about ten minutes though, an investigator, Williams, came in with his book of Mormon in hand! I got way excited, then a few minutes later another investigator entered with her little kid. We got pretty excited and it was a great session. I am glad they were able to experience conference and see apostles and prophets of our Heavenly Father. 

I learned alot this weekend at conference. I really like the talk from Robert C. Gay when he talked about how sometimes we justify our actions when really we are just plainly in the wrong. Also that we should let our lives show to others that God truly loves us and all of His children. Something President Utchdorf said that stood out to me was that it isn't the external circumstances that determine our happiness, we determine our happiness. We need to learn to be happy. We can always be happy when we are living the Gospel of Jesus Christ and are striving to be like Him. Also the priesthood session was awesome. They talked about how the world needs more ''real'' men. Men who are worthy, men who are willing to work, men who are kind, men who respect women and others. I thought to myself that I want to be a ''real'' man! I also thought to myself of the greatest example of a man that I have in my life, Dad! Dad you are the best and you give me an example to look up to and strive to reach. Thanks for always being an example even if sometimes I didn't act like I aprecciated it. 

Thanks for the Cameron's letter. And tell Tyler congratulations! I was waiting to hear about his call, I am way excited for him! Will he be speaking english there? I thought it was way cool about the new missionary ages. President Monson is truly inspired and it was cool to hear this announcement. 

Well I love you all and hope all is well! Carve a good pumpkin for me! The Holidays will be starting here in a little. It will be weird to have Christmas in summer. But the Christmas spirit I am sure will still be present! 

Love your favorite son, 


P.S. Hey mom, can you check my balance in my bank account? Sometimes I take out money to send letters. 

Pic: We did a service project and I thought to myself that I didn't need sunscreen cause usually I am fine. But I realized after that I used a regular shirt and not a church shirt so there was new skin exposed! 

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